Sarpanitum - Despoilment of Origin

Blackened, Brutal, Atmospheric & Technical – “Despoilment of Origin” by Sarpanitum

Apparently there is something in the water that leads to fantastic death metal in Birmingham, UK. Home to one of my personal favorite atmospheric / experimental death metal bands Mithras, something about this town must inspire metal musicians to look to the far past. Just as the aforementioned band looked to Rome and Persia, Sarpanitum’s Despoilment of Origin is rooted in Babylonia, Sumeria, and Akkadia. It was released on Galactic Records in 2007.  Ancient history aside, this album blasts with an absolute whirlwind of atmospheric brutal blackened technical death metal. If that isn’t a sub-sub-sub-sub-genre yet, Despoilment of Origin validates the necessity for it to be. The band members all play in noteworthy bands as well, including live guitars for Mithras, as well drums for Anaal Nathrakh and Fukpig.

Ingredients for top tier death metal: Mesopotamian mythology (similar to Nile but not Egyptian), hellacious brutal death metal fury (Cerebral Bore), sparsely and efficiently used imperial atmospherics (Behemoth, but without the slower passages), whirling technicality (Hate Eternal), and a spice of sinister death metal riffing (Diabolic). Puree these seemingly opposing flavors of metal until fluid. Final result: A  savage smoothie of technicality and devastation that will quench your thirst for unique but pulverizing death metal.

Despoilment of Origin (2007)

United Kingdom, Galactic

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