Review: Beneath The Massacre - Dystopia

Review: Beneath The Massacre – Dystopia

Dystopia (2008)

Canada, Prosthetic Records, Technical Death Metal w/ a hint of deathcore.

As someone who prides himself on being a music lover as well as a metalhead, I can safely say that the overwhelming majority of deathcore bands are complete and utter garbage. It makes being a death metal fan more difficult than it needs to be when some know nothing scene kid tries to pass off Bring Me The Hairstraightener or Shredded Wheat (Waking The Cadaver) as the music I’ll defend to my dying breath. It also makes it extremely difficult to convince other metalheads that despite the bree bree garbage there are bands that fall under the umbrella of deathcore worth checking out; After The Burial, Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya and Circle Of Contempt are all bands that while nowhere near as classic or timeless as the best death metal have my respect for making music, and good music at that. Beneath The Massacre is a band that countless people have recommended to me on a similar basis;

“They may have deathcore elements, but that doesn’t detract from the brutality and technicality on display! They kick ass!”

Allow me to destroy whatever fantasies people may have about this group. Beneath The Massacre is not a band that can ever be mentioned with the best Canada has ever offered death metal. It is not a marvel in any sense of the word itself or according to any standards of tech-death. It’s also not a band that proves the detractors of tech-death wrong. If anything, this band is perfect hater fuel, a perpetual stereotype of technical death metal. The very worst of it all is the pervasive deathcore intrusion that makes a bad album even worse. I don’t know who originally used these so called ‘vocals’, but they have no place in any serious metal album. Among everything else wrong with this release, the vocals just add insult to injury. Imagine Whitechapel style barking combined with one of the worst attempts at emulating Paul Ryan of Origin and that might scratch the surface. While you’re at it, think of the most mechanical drums you’ve ever heard in metal overlapped with a constantly repeated ‘weedly weedly weedly’ riff that eats at your sanity like hydrofluoric acid punctuated by vomitous breakdowns. Now picture 32 minutes of that; I just saved you precious time, sanity and money.

I despise using the description ‘all of this sounds the same’ but for Beneath The Massacre it’s the truth. There is no conceivable difference between ANY of these tracks, rendering the entire process an exercise in futility. They not only cross the threshold of boredom thirty seconds into ‘Condemned’, they also piss on the threshold, set it ablaze and make permanent residence in painful territory. Saying this band is a one trick pony is an insult to ponies, tricks and people who milk routines. Actual songwriting is minimal to non-existent, made all of the worse by the fact that every musician is firmly in the ‘Look how technical I can try to be!’ mindset, which is giving themselves more credit than they deserve. (especially the drummer considering he’s the most obvious case of nothing special at all). The faintest praise that I can give these people is somewhere deep inside this band, there’s a mediocre Origin clone kicking and screaming to get out. That, and props for somehow inspiring Viraemia, a much better band. As it stands, I wouldn’t be surprised if every band member secretly hates tech-death and sustains Beneath The Massacre to give other haters an outfit that not only conforms to every possible generalization they can think of but really can’t be described any other way. Congratulations you soulless wanking showoffs.

Rating: 2/10
Author: Goshuggist

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