Viraemia (USA)

Viraemia (USA)


The Band: 

Tony Martinez – Vocals
Josh Hernandez – Guitar
Scott Plummer – Bass
Michael Collins – Drums

Official website:

Viraemia - band


Viraemia (Vi-ray-me-ah) the presence of a virus in the bloodstream. Hailing from Phoenix, AZ Viraemia have unleashed some of the most blisteringly technical and uncompromisingly brutal death metal in at least the past five years. Despite not having a record deal and only being about three years old, Viraemia have continued to gain notoriety and recognition on the internet thanks to their astounding musicianship. Many people also know of Viraemia thanks to Scott Plummer’s ten string bass guitar, which he built himself. It is both daunting and impressive. As of now, the band is writing more material for a possible full length release. For every fan of Brain Drill, Origin and Psyopus (who among key others are credited inspirations for the band) this is a band to keep an eye on.



2008 – Demo – Self-released
2009 – Viraemia EP – Self-released





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