Cholera - Prophecies Of Annihilation

Cholera – progressive annihilation of human nature

I was always a big fan of canadian death metal scene. They always have something to say in the genre. The probability of hearing fresh and wild music is more than high and so it is with Cholera’s “Prophecies Of Annihilation”. Most important thing about this cd is the amount of interesting elements put in here. Tempo changes are very often met as well as differentation of progressive riffage. There is a lot more than You need for “ordinary” prog record. But this isn’t ordinary album. Shortest song is about 9,5 minutes long so those are little “epic” hymns and it’s hard to grasp the complexity of the “Prophecies…”.

You will find here a straight progressive rhythms as well as wicked, keyboard driven solos. Often it’s a Jordan Rudess’ style of playing but that doesn’t bother me at all. They’re very nice addition as well as incredible classical guitar solos, cello moments, thrashy rhytmhic blasts and great clean vocals! This is a one hell of a conglomerate which incorporates more than meets the ear on the first or even fifth listen. Amazing and very deep album.

The only pain-in-the-ass here is mediocre sound. The guitars are sometimes too crunchy and non-selective so You can’t amuse Yourself with all the flavors of the record. The sound is a little muddy and underground by all means. It’s not much appreciated thing with such ambitious release but after two or three listens You can get used to it. They have bright future before them, I can see it! You must check “Prophecies Of Annihilation” – a canadian progressive death metal.

Prophecies Of Annihilation (2011)

Canada, Self-released, Progressive Death Metal

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