Slaughtery - Path(t)ologic

Inhumane way of killing with Slaughtery

Brutal passion with immersive intensity and technicality comparable to avalanche. This is “Path(t)ologic” by Slaughtery from Belgium. I was astounded by the accumulation of riffs, single notes and blasts. Drums are only addition to extremity itself. Sure, they’re intense and brutal but not as technical as rest of the band.

36 minutes of pure blasphemy and brutal technique as manifest of inadequate feeling of comprehension. It has more depth than You see for the first listen. Anyway. Maybe that’s not the most innovative death metal in the world but surely they have done atrocious blast in here. This is the real, brutal and creative way of killing!

Path(t)ologic (2011)

Belgium, Self-released, Brutal Technical Death Metal

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  1. I was just listening to this album today and thinking about how awesome it is! Awesome recommendation. I would not have heard this record if it weren’t for this post, so thanks for telling me about this great album!

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