10 years passing by… in memory of Chuck Schuldiner!


Today is the 10th anniversary of Chuck Schuldiner leaving this world. Great master-guitar-mind and forefather of technical death metal died 13.12.2001. He will be remembered as a modest and humble person with amazing, big talent. Rest in peace Chuck! We’re all meet sooner or later…

Chuck SchuldinerThis is exceptionally great loss…

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3 thoughts on “10 years passing by… in memory of Chuck Schuldiner!”

  1. Each year the metal world mourns for the loss of one of its most prolific and innovative musicians. Chuck Schuldiner may have been the godfather of death, but that makes his passing no less tragic. He revolutionized metal not once but TWICE during his life time; how much more could he have done if he had been given more time? Here is a metal hail and a sign of the horns for the great Chuck Schuldiner; gone, but most certainly not forgotten, his legacy and music will live on throughout the history of mankind.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Even with my medical problems as they’ve been, I took the whole day of Chuck’s death to love his timeless contributions to metal and music in general.

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