Achokarlos - Mind Landscapes

The bigger experience – Achokarlos 3rd album

“Mind Landscapes” is the first “commercial” album from Achokarlos – the band formed and administered by Carlos Garcia. I didn’t heard the two albums released before but if they have 50% of inquisitiveness of “Mind Landscapes”, then You should check them for sure! This is the conglomerate of some wicked eerie sounds, disturbing, various vocals and complex music. For the first time, You will be overwhelmed by the differentiation which Achokarlos has in his pocket. You will experience clean woman singing and almost doom metal slowdowns. Then You will crush into the wall called progression supported by jazzy improvisations. The background will be filled with some wicked ambiences and long-shaped guitars with deep reverb. I won’t tell You more… this is simply artistic, complex album worth checking by all means. By the way – all the music is done by Carlos alone.

PS. The saxophone is great!

Mind Landscapes (2010)

Spain, Self-released, Progressive / Technical Death Metal / Fusion

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