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Review: Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails


USA, Unique Leader Records, Technical / Progressive Death Metal

On the run to the stars … Ah how amazing and original this band is. On the first record, they went into extremely melodic and technical black / death metal so I waited impatiently for the “The Harvest Wombs” follower. “The Flesh Prevails” has a much greater momentum and heaves wide, progressive circles. It also has a incredible speed and space atmosphere. I’m pretty sure you have not heard this year anything as intense and progressive on such scale. Vibrating guitars, like sinusoid go up and down through whole scale (NO guitar wankery!). There is no exaggeration at any moment. This is extreme but melodic music. Often stops and leaves place for improvisations. It can sing ethereally with female voices. Despite the fact it often inputs million sounds into our heads in different distances – they are perfectly fit. One guitar fills main motif and the second one limp single notes somewhere on the other side. This is also the uniqueness of these sounds. You can place them in the space because they offer great space and amazing deep. Continue reading Review: Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails

Interview: Son Of Aurelius

sonofaurelius-bandFrom strictly technical band into progressive monsters – here comes Son Of Aurelius! Their debut was great but the follower is one of the best prog death metal albums I’ve heard in a long time. They combine extraordinary maturity with complex, yet catchy compositions. Very warm and positive release and nice guys beside everything. I wasn’t wrong commenting their coming through as a “rising star”. Go and listen to the “Under A Western Sun”! Continue reading Interview: Son Of Aurelius

TDM 3-way Review: Archspire – The Lucid Collective


Canada, Season Of Mist, Technical Death Metal

I remember the day when I heard first Archspire promo. Then I thought it was some bizarre form of experimental electronic music – most likely, generated by a computer. Then I watched a few clips on Youtube and I was a bit surprised at the idea of practicing such intense death metal art. It turned out that human abilities are not restricted to the extent that “All Shall Align” became our number 1 album in 2011 on With Archspire is a bit like with Rings Of Saturn. Space pace and great intensity causes some black holes. Hence, these teams have enough supporters as opponents. Certain is You can’t be indifferent listening to “The Lucid Collective”. For me it recalls the extreme performances of Jason Becker’s and I’m prone to such virtuosic “destruction”. On the second album the band clearly went toward expanding compositions. Bravely borders on neo-classicism but not as “wide” as Spawn Of Possession. They are rather stroking the genre which is desecrated by routine meltdowns or breakdowns if you prefer. Fortunately, they are not intrusive and too common. Surely we can find a lot more blasts than the first one. Continue reading TDM 3-way Review: Archspire – The Lucid Collective

Review: Banisher – Scarcity


Poland, Unquiet Records, Technical Death Metal

Banisher spreads his second attack on the unsuspecting listener. The attack is a very direct one. Rarely gives respite so rested mind will be an advantage here. The first thing that strikes the ears is a massive and well-balanced production. With such intensification, flawless production is mandatory. “Scarcity” is quite specific album. Despite their great potential to manipulate the listener on all sides, this gentlemens play generally straight forward metal. Ofcourse, there is a place for a few tempo breakdowns or frivolous progression but it is only a addition. Therefore, instrumentals like “Vanity” and “Incentives” are a little out of context. I think they don’t fit into the concept and only tries to confirm that Banisher can play “nicely”. Continue reading Review: Banisher – Scarcity