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“The Afterthought Ecstasy” by First Fragment

Hailing far from the fair weather of California, Quebec’s First Fragment has a self-released EP entitled The Afterthought of Ecstasy. Calling it a powerful debut is an understatement. The band plays hyper technical death metal with a touch of a classical side like earlier Fleshgod Apocalypse (before the onset of the ear-splitting keyboards in every song). First Fragment’s technical prowess is evident and undeniable, and on these 6 tracks they keep the songs tight and interesting. Their influences of neoclassical metal, namely Yngwie Malmsteen, come through quite clearly and fluidly, yet never take away from the Origin level of technicality. The production, usually not a high point on such an affair, is extremely clear without sounding sterile. This is worth your time, and you will most likely be hearing of these guys again in the future, hence it would be a wise idea to take note now so you can tell your friends all about how you heard their first EP years ago.


Review: Illogicist – The Unconsciousness Of Living

The Unconsciousness Of Living (2011)

Italy, Willowtip Records, Technical Death Metal

The Unconsciousness of Living mows through town like a whirlwind of razor blades and mathematical equations. Illogicist’s 3rd full length arrives four years after their last full length (2007’s The Insight Eye). With such time since the last release, faithful fans would hope for an album that exhibits the amount of writing assumed to be put into each song. And Illogicist does not let us down: The Unconsciousness of Living is an extremely dense and complex technical maelstrom that, while difficult to appreciate initially, is extremely rewarding to fans willing to give the album more than a single spin. Continue reading Review: Illogicist – The Unconsciousness Of Living

Classic Tech/Prog Death Album: “Individual Thought Patterns” by Death

WHO: Death himself. Fronted by Chuck Schuldiner, the man often cited as being the father of death metal, this dream-team incarnation of Death also consisted of Steve DiGiorgio on bass, Andy LaRocque on guitar, and Gene Hoglan on drums. For those unfamiliar with the band, Chuck passed away in 2001 after a battle with brain cancer.

WHEN: Originally released by Combat Records in 1993, Individual Thought Patterns is a landmark in death metal history. The album has also recently been re-released in a three CD deluxe addition featuring a live set from Germany (in 1993) and a full album of demo tracks.

WHERE: Hailing from Florida, this album was recorded with Scott Burns at Morrisound Recording Studios. The production carries his signature, as well as showcases Death’s roots in Floridian death metal. Continue reading Classic Tech/Prog Death Album: “Individual Thought Patterns” by Death

From beyond the eyes of man comes the new EP from Mithras

Time Never Lasts (2011) EP

experimental death metal

From beyond the barriers of time and space comes the latest transmission of Mithras, the UK experimental death metal titans. The Time Never Lasts EP features two new songs, visions of things yet to come, and three live songs from their back catalogue, glimpses into the ancient temples of yesteryear, as well as the worlds beyond the eyes of man.

Time Never Lasts furthers the progression of this band in their past three studio albums from the archaic shrines of old, moving through the infinite void of space and the madness beyond. The newer songs consist of the pummeling destruction of toppling antique alters alongside the shimmering comic waves of ethereal beings. Newcomers to the band will be surprised by the way the band mixes pounding megaton hammers of ancient war gods with futuristic transmissions from anomalous life forms. Imagine crossing the heaviest moments of the catacombs of Nile with the most vacuous warblings of later Cynic. Continue reading From beyond the eyes of man comes the new EP from Mithras