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News from Sarpanitum deathcamp

We are proud to annouce that the drums on our upcoming album will be handled by none other than Leon Macey. Leon plays drums and guitar in UK Extreme metal veterans MITHRAS and will also be involved in recording, mixing and mastering the record. The decision was made for Leon to come on drums for the next release due to his excellent skills behind the kit but also, like myself he is possitivley driven and passionate towards delivering only the best to the album which I am sure you will all be happy to hear once it is finished!

You can now listen and stream all the SARPANITUM releases for free at and you can hear some of Leon’s stickmanship from the latest MITHRAS E.P

The return of LORD WORM! … but to black metal?

Yes, its true, the vilest of the vile has returned to the metal scene once again. After leaving us in years past (for a career in a brewery, who can really blame him?), Lord Worm has returned to cause bleeding from the ears (in the good way) with his new project Rage Nucléaire. Unlike what the hungry old school death metal fan may be hoping for, Unrelenting Fucking Hatred is not a death metal rehash, but a foray into the realm of black metal. I myself am a fan of black metal, especially with the onset of winter approaching, but I will leave the reviewing for another, more grim-leaning site (as I am distinctly not trve or kvlt). Continue reading The return of LORD WORM! … but to black metal?

Xenocide released new single – Xenomorph


Recorded in January 2012 at Rain City Recorders and produced by Curtis Buckoll, the song “XENOMORPH” is meant to be the follow up to Xenocide’s highly successful premier EP “Galactic Oppression”.  XENOMORPH has sat in limbo due to line up changes until now.

XENOMORPH deals with a protagonist who is a test subject for military intelligence following first contact with an alien race.  The human elite and ruling powers keep this information from the general public and use human test subjects to see how alien technology affects humans, in particular portals or point-to-point jump technologies.

As our protagonist steps through the portal his torturous journey begins. He is gruesomely transformed into a xenomorph as human D.N.A. intermingles with alien D.N.A. to create a random creature. Continue reading Xenocide released new single – Xenomorph

New album by Allegaeon?! You have my attention…

I will begin this news briefing that I am not often the one to introduce new bands to people. In general, I feel like I am always the last one to show up for the party when it comes to exciting new bands and releases. Example: Allegaeon. The band’s full length, Fragments of Form and Function, was released in July of 2010, and I did not hear the album until late 2011. Even worse, I even read a review of the album before it was released, and thought “Hmmmm, this sounds like something I would like.” And yet I did nothing. Continue reading New album by Allegaeon?! You have my attention…

Technical metal getting some attention in the US!

Last week in the metal news….

The United States has a fair amount of metal bands, some of the quite technical and heavy, but for the most part the genre maintains more of an underground following. We don’t turn on the radio at 2 p.m. in a big city and hear Slayer, much less something like Gojira.

However, that could be changing, albeit slowly.

For the week ending in March 24th, the number one hyped track on was “The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance!” Now of course isn’t an accurate depiction of the listening trends of the entire nation, but it still shows that metal is getting more and more listeners. Now of course the next week’s most hyped track is by Nicki Minaj, but take your victories when you get them, right?

And the number 2 most hyped track? Meshuggah’s “Marrow.” 

Number 3? Meshuggah’s “Behind the Sun.”

Number 4? Meshuggah’s “I am Colossus”

And can you guess number 5? I bet you can’t. Well its Madonna, so not Meshuggah, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, Koloss is getting some mainstream attention. About time, right?