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Former Origin singer has new band!

Newsbrief from August, 2011:

James Lee of Origin is back with more crushing technical death metal!

Ok, so I guess it isn’t exactly news since the album came out in August of last year, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. I have to admit that I am a complete Origin fanboy – the band has done no wrong to my ears since I randomly picked up their self-titled album without hearing more than a single song by them. It was the first technical death metal album I ever owned… I am getting all nostalgic!

When I heard that James Lee, the lead voice of Origin wasn’t going to be on their latest record, I was terribly disappointed. Devastated. Destroyed. However, Entity turned out to be easily one of the best albums of the year anyway. And now we have Face of Oblivion!

The Embers of Man is probably going to sound a lot like Origin to a lot of people. To that I would agree – but hey, what’s better than having a new record by one of your favorite bands? Having TWO new records by one of your favorite bands! I will take it!

Here is the video for “Lecherous Indignities,” which will give much joy to Origin fans, and more ammunition for Origin detractors. In my opinion it sounds more like earlier era Origin, but that’s more than fine by me.

Face of Oblivion – Embers of Man (2011)

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