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Upcoming or already available TDM releases!

In the New Year, There Will Be DEATH!

2013 was a very solid year for technical music. However, that was yesteryear, and here at we are already looking for new ways to scramble our brains, mentally and physically, in 2014. Here are some of the records I am most looking forward to mathing my face off with in the first quarter:

Origin – Omnipresent [Date TBA, Nuclear Blast Records]

Although 2012’s Entity didn’t garner the pangalactic praise of 2009’s Antithesis, the re-fortified quartet shows no sign of hanging up their brooms or powershredders. At the time of posting, Origin had just finished recording the new album. No doubt the over-the-top technicality will cause us to stare into the abyss and reflect on the human condition, and its insignificance, as it has in years past.

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Technical Tuesday: Canada

Canada, you technical!

Can anyone tell me how the progressive/technical death metal scene is in Canada? Because it seems like every time I hit “play” I am stumbling over some shining gem of awesome that came from The True North.

I started to list a couple notable Canadian bands applicable to, thinking I would list maybe three bands to get the point across. I thought of some, and then thought, “Alright, let’s check out the ‘Canada’ playlist.” And before I knew it, suddenly I had filled the paper I was writing on. For serious Canada, you real technical! Maybe something about that low population density or frigid winters causes people to stay inside and learn to play their instruments extremely well. Well, whatever it is, it works. Continue reading Technical Tuesday: Canada

Dissentient’s ‘Dystopian Weakness’ Shows no Such Shortcoming

Dissentient’s 2011 release Black Hole Machine, their first full-length, is a diverse album of varied death metal. It’s got Meshuggah’s odd-time-signatured lurches; In Mourning’s soaring progressive melodies; (early) Gojira’s thick grooves; (early) Edge of Sanity’s subtle keyboards; and Fear Factory’s mechanical landscapes. No songs showcases the diversity of influences so much as album closer “Dystopian Weakness,” a 10 minute progressive-death marathon of futuristic human-crushing worthy of a James Cameron film. Perhaps most-notable is the avant-garde/progressive part that kicks in just before five minutes (for which I won’t ruin the surprise). If the progressive side of death is your kind of thing, “Dystopian Weakness” may be your new favorite song.

Here is a link to the song on Soundcloud. I hope you enjoy this one, as I have been banging my head repeatedly to this for the best few weeks. I wish I had heard this upon release in 2011, as it would definitely have been near the top of my yearly list of progressive death metal.

Desecrate and annihilate with brazilian power

About month ago, this young and thrilling band released their second album. Sounds fresh and very dynamic. They use creative form of constructing song structures. Often change tempo and utilize variety of technical skills to drill into Your brain. Sometimes more catchy but the dirtiness is ubiquitous. You like insane rhythms? Check! Virtuosic solos? Check! Brutal vocals? Done! Desecrated Sphere simply compiled everything that’s good in brutal / technical / death metal. Reworked the concept and managed to achieve great result. Like from some kind of experiment. There will be time for progress. Important thing is the value of technique and longevity of this brazilian force. They strike in the face but are careful with the actions. Maybe too careful? They could inflict way more damage but probably with loss of genuinely crafted passages. I want more technical insanity next time!

Desecrated Sphere – Emancipate (2013)
Brazil, Eternal Hatred Records, Death Metal with Technical influences

Banisher reveals a song from the upcoming album

10.06.2013 (Krakow, Poland) Banisher made another song from the upcoming “Scarcity” album available for streaming.

“Scarcity” was recorded between 2012 and 2013 at Invent Sound Studio in Bydgoszcz. It contains 9 tracks, including a death metal version of the “Benny Hill” theme. The album was recorded in a new line-up: Tytus Kalicki – vocals, Hubert Więcek – guitars, Daniel Wójtowicz – bass and Łukasz „Lucass” Krzesiewicz (Sammath Naur, Gnida) on drums. One of the songs features a guest appearance by Wojtek Famielec (Disperse, Stunt Skunk Bang, ex-Redemptor). The cover artwork was made by Michał “Xaay” Loranc (Nile, Behemoth, Necrophagist, and Decapitated).

Listen to “Black Blood” here:

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