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Upcoming or already available TDM releases!

A perfect study of the genre?

If You’re into technical death metal, You surely got into this band. Their new flagship hit the stores at July 27th through Nuclear Blast records! This reminded me first albums of Gorod and Necrophagist but composed with some neo-classical feel and still maintaing lot’s of brutality! I introduce to You DECREPIT BIRTH new album… “Polarity“!

From the begining there’s lot’s of genuine technicality and solo virtuosity. Perfect sound, amazing, deep feel and catchy, yet brutal brain-grinding. “Polarity” kicks hard in the ass. And when You thought that in technical death metal can’t do nothing more or fresh… take a look again at this American lads! Pure technical hell! I love it!

Never’s long awaited new cd…

Amazingly technical album from polish metallers – NEVER. Thrashy alike sound and lots of wild stop’s and go’s. Beside this, “Back To The Front” features guest vocals (duo’s and solo appearances) of Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy and guitar parts by Mauser (Unsun, ex-Vader). A must check for any technical fan! It will be out in two days – 31 march 2010!

Title: Never – Back To The Front
Label: Metal Mind Productions

1. A.M.O.R (Another Mutation of Reality)
2. Too Blind
3. Questions Within (Duo with Angela Gossow)
4. And I (Mauser guest lead)
5. 2996
6. Painted Black (Angela Gossow solo vocals)
7. Fiction Generator
8. Fatherland
9. Undisputed Inability
10. Back to the Front
11. Grain of Sand
12. Questions Within (Angela Gossow solo vocals) Japan Bonus
13. Painted Black (Duo with Angela Gossow) Japan Bonus

First longplay from Centaurus-A

This is a debut album from a rising German star – Centaurus-A. Alot of modern technical death metal riffs. Many devastating blasts and very intense, crushing sound makes this release more than amusing! Double vocals, sudden stops and magnificent drumming will kill You. Electronic samples adds interesting atmosphere here and there…

Title: Side Effects Expected
Label: Listenable Records

1. The Praying Mantis
2. Narcotic
3. Drop Off
4. Morning Tremble
5. The Ease
6. Incident/Accident
7. Arson
8. Dripping Red Canvas
9. Selfmade Cage
10. Resistance Ain’t Futile

Third longplay from Gory Blister

This is pretty old release already from Gory Blister. Out there in market from 6th april, still taking no prisoners. More atmospheric and solid death metal and not as technical as “Art Bleeds” but still flying high!

Title: Graveyard Of Angels
Label: Mascot Records

1. The Hatch Opens
2. Void Made Flesh
3. Vanishing Ruins
4. The Descent
5. emiT despalE
6. The Slum Of The Wretched Creatures
7. The Shining Hades
8. Graveyard Of Angels

Gorod’s new strike already out!

1st of June was the final time for releasing another astonishing and very technical album from GOROD (France) “Process Of A New Decline”. Lots of breaking rhytms and arpeggio playing. Amazingly technical, killer album!

Title: Process Of A New Decline
Label: Willowtip / Listenable Records

1. Disavow Your God
2. Programmers of Decline
3. Diverted Logic
4. Rebirth of Senses
5. The Path
6. Splinters of Life
7. Guilty of Dispersal
8. Gilded Cage
9. A Common Hope
10. Watershed
11. Almighty’s Murderer