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Review: Septicflesh – Titan

TITAN (2014)

Greece, Season of Mist, Symphonic Death Metal

Symphonies in metal will no doubt inspire an uproar among the old guard, oftentimes rightfully so; cheesy keyboards and overblown quasi-epic passages got old decades ago. However, in the case of a select few bands, the addition of strings and horns (especially in the form of real musicians and not a Casio) serves not to detract from the deathly parts of a record, but instead to augment them. Such is the case of Titan, wherein Septicflesh utilizes a full orchestra to enhance the rhythmic ebb of the band’s doomy core, resulting in an atmospheric yet crushing entry into the necronomicon of death metal.

Titan shows that “atmospheric” needn’t inherently equal boring, poppy, pompous, or fluffy. Sudden bursts of precision drumming harken clearly to more technical outfits than melodic mass-appeal, and increase the overall level of headbanging, as well as complexity. Simultaneously, the bombast of the orchestra carries an oppressive yet memorable atmosphere. Septicflesh summons the full demonic might of a complete classical troupe to augment aggressive riffing, resulting in a visceral tapestry of malevolent music. Continue reading Review: Septicflesh – Titan

Review: Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage


France, Roadrunner Records, Progressive/Groove/Death Metal

A metal reviewer, especially a fan of both progressive metal and death metal, may be tempted to write two reviews for L’Enfant Sauvage: the first would praise the mature, alternative side of this more melodic release, and highlight the ecological lyrics and conceptual decadence. The second, the TDM review, laments the melodic focus, and especially mourns the loss of the pace changes and technical bursts that made Gojira so memorable.

Although Gojira has never dwelt in the crypts with Suffocation and Defeated Sanity, past releases boasted consistently crushing heaviness. The gargantuan production and squeaking slides remain on L’Enfant Sauvage, but the introduction of melodic passages, clean vocals, alternative rock melodies, and auto-tuning steadily move Gojira away from the deathly norm…and some of their fans. And yes, you read that right, auto-tuning. Continue reading Review: Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage

Review: Wormed – Exodromos

Exodromos (2013)

Spain, Willowtip Records, Brutal Death Metal

My mind has just been raped. I know I should file a report or seek some kind of compensation but I – I’m not able. In addition, my legs have stopped working, so even if I wanted to get up and do something, I can’t. I’m not sure exactly what just happened but I can say this for damn sure; ‘Nourishing The Spoil’? Hit the fuckin’ bricks. ‘Exodromos’ just made you and every other album this year its bitch. Enjoy not being first on my Top 10 list Guttural Secrete.

Yeah, that’s right, the album I went completely gaga over barely a month ago has already been dethroned. Surely this violates some fundamental rule of physics given how ecstatic I was (and still am mind you) about ‘Nourishing The Spoil’ but then I remember exactly who I’m dealing with; the masters of time, space and brutality themselves, Wormed. If someone told me I’d find not one but two death metal magnum opuses would be released within a month of each other any other year than this one, albums that completely annihilate my taste in music only to replace it with something better, I’d mock that person for being so stupid & childish. Hell, how is that supposed to reflect on me as a reviewer? An album comes out that challenges my all time favorite brutal death metal albums more viciously than ever and then one paltry month later it’s marginalized by something even greater? There’s some cosmic fuckery going on here… Continue reading Review: Wormed – Exodromos

Review: Cattle Decapitation – To Serve Man

To Serve Man (2002)

USA, Metal Blade Records, Deathgrind

As a reviewer, it’s almost inevitable to make typos in any given article you write, especially in much longer and more in depth reviews/profiles. Hell, I’m sure even this article will have typos in it. While not the biggest deal, a lot of the typos I’ve made on this website stand out as unnerving pet peeves at best and glaring omissions at worst. In my Saprogenic article for instance, the phrase ‘I might add’ was used twice in a row, making my valid point completely redundant. I’ve misspelled Kraanium’s latest release in two separate articles. At the beginning of my Saprophagous profile ‘combining’ somehow became ‘combing’. However, the two most egregious typos/omissions are in my Cattle Decapitation profile and ‘Pierced From Within’ article. In ‘Pierced From Within’s case, I SOMEHOW left out Disgorge in my list of bands vying for top Death Metal band, even though I was sure I had written them in. Cattle Decapitation’s case managed to be even worse; I credited ‘To Serve Man’ as the start of the band’s contributions of progressive elements to the genre of Deathgrind when I was sure I had written ‘Karma. Bloody. Karma’. This is what I get for writing articles instead of sleeping late at night. Although I can’t guarantee such errors will outright disappear from my writing, I can assure everyone that I’ll be making much greater efforts to NOT make these kinds of mistakes in the future. I can also say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the day I like ‘To Serve Man’ is the day I go completely mental, put on a pink dress and call myself Slappy McNiggins. Continue reading Review: Cattle Decapitation – To Serve Man

Review: Guttural Secrete – Nourishing The Spoil

Nourishing The Spoil (2013)

USA, Brutal Bands, Brutal Death Metal

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t rightly know what’s been going on in Death Metal lately. Everywhere I look it seems like yet another band has released/is releasing a groundbreaking, game changing record. It’s hard to make heads or tails of, honestly. With so many perfect albums (there really is no other way to put it) already out from last year/on the way this year, I have to ask myself how some bands will ever manage to go further than they already have; how exactly does one redefine perfection? That’s a question with too many answers and no answers at all simultaneously…and it’s the question I have to ask about ‘Nourishing The Spoil’, already one of the greatest Brutal Death Metal albums I’ve ever heard. ‘Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment’ was and still is an excellent CD but this…this is something else entirely. Continue reading Review: Guttural Secrete – Nourishing The Spoil