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Interview: Son Of Aurelius

sonofaurelius-bandFrom strictly technical band into progressive monsters – here comes Son Of Aurelius! Their debut was great but the follower is one of the best prog death metal albums I’ve heard in a long time. They combine extraordinary maturity with complex, yet catchy compositions. Very warm and positive release and nice guys beside everything. I wasn’t wrong commenting their coming through as a “rising star”. Go and listen to the “Under A Western Sun”! Continue reading Interview: Son Of Aurelius

Interview: Mithras (UK)

Interview with Leon Macey / guitarist of Mithras

From the ancient past and the depths of space comes Mithras, an extreme metal band from England. Their cosmic force sets them apart from any and all of their peers with an unmistakable and signature sound. Without further delay, the following transmission about the band comes from the words of Leon Macey, guitarist and writer for these voyagers from the far beyond. Continue reading Interview: Mithras (UK)

Interview: Allegaeon (USA)

Interview with Greg Burges / guitarist of Allegaeon.

Allegaeon - bandAllegaeon is young american band connecting undaunting technique and melodies with no strings attached. They have alot of classical influences, virtuoso soloing and colorful tech death metal. I’ve been listening alot to their last year’s debut “Fragments of Form and Function” and it’s hard to let go. There’s no single second of boredom – those are very ambitious sounds who may interest simply everybody. Without further hesitation, I invite You to lecture… Continue reading Interview: Allegaeon (USA)