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Classic Tech Death Album: “Unquestionable Presence” by Atheist

Atheist – Unquestionably Present in the Past and Future of Death Metal

WHO: Atheist, the quintessential innovators of progressive and technical death metal from the early 90’s. Beginning in the late 80’s as Oblivion and then R.A.V.A.G.E. (Raging Atheists Vowing A Gory End), Atheist had a 17 year gap (1993 – 2010) where no studio material was released. This incarnation was Kelly Shaefer on vocals/guitar, Randy Burke on guitar, Steve Flynn (Gnostic) on drums, and Tony Choy (Pestilence, Cynic) on bass. Choy was brought in to play lines written by Roger Patterson, who tragically died in car crash before recording the album. Continue reading Classic Tech Death Album: “Unquestionable Presence” by Atheist

Classic Tech Death Album: “Obscura” By Gorguts

WHO: One of the very finest examples of a band that pushed the limits of an already provocative genre, Gorguts. Starting from high expectations with their debut, they proceeded down the path that would ultimately lead them to this work of art. Unfortunately, Roadrunner Records saw fit to drop the band after not garnering the necessary attention due to the second wave of Black Metal kicking into full gear. This would prove to be a grave mistake.

WHEN:  After a five year hiatus that some presumed to be the death of Gorguts, resilient frontman Luc Lemay returned in 1998 with a brand new lineup to shake metal music itself to the very core.

WHERE: After recording the album in Studio Victor, Montreal the disc was distributed by Olympic Records. Thankfully, the impact was felt beyond the regional scene of Canadian Death Metal, which had already given the metal world other classic bands like Cryptopsy. Continue reading Classic Tech Death Album: “Obscura” By Gorguts

Classic Tech/Prog Death Album: “Individual Thought Patterns” by Death

WHO: Death himself. Fronted by Chuck Schuldiner, the man often cited as being the father of death metal, this dream-team incarnation of Death also consisted of Steve DiGiorgio on bass, Andy LaRocque on guitar, and Gene Hoglan on drums. For those unfamiliar with the band, Chuck passed away in 2001 after a battle with brain cancer.

WHEN: Originally released by Combat Records in 1993, Individual Thought Patterns is a landmark in death metal history. The album has also recently been re-released in a three CD deluxe addition featuring a live set from Germany (in 1993) and a full album of demo tracks.

WHERE: Hailing from Florida, this album was recorded with Scott Burns at Morrisound Recording Studios. The production carries his signature, as well as showcases Death’s roots in Floridian death metal. Continue reading Classic Tech/Prog Death Album: “Individual Thought Patterns” by Death