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Rimmon’s Top 10 in 2012!

This was incredibly hard choice! Past Year was full of amazing, technical (and not only) releases. I had almost 30 albums to choose from. From progressive / jazzy death metal to strictly virtuosic ones. It took me 3 days to listen through this list and sort it but I felt it is something important to do. Here at technicaldeathmetal.com we love support brilliant musicians who compose addictive sounds. I used word “compose” not by accident. It takes lot of skills to start doing higher form of music, which can be called simply “art”. This goes hand in hand with the creative way of killing, which I call brutal yet technical, metal. Hope You like what You find on this list…

// Rimmön Continue reading Rimmon’s Top 10 in 2012!

Review: A Million Dead Birds Laughing – Xen

Xen (2012)

Australia, Self-released, Technical / Progressive / Avant-garde Death Metal

Avant-garde technical progressive jazz death metal. I did it with one breath. Believe it or not but that’s the truth. This band combines awesome black/death/avant-garde vocals, known from such bands as Arcturus, Borknagar, low magnitude growls as stands for grind, some epic clear vocals as Rotting Christ with strictly, black metal grunts. I’m stunned for the diversity of this one element and there’s more! They’re music is a conglomerate. It starts with hi-octane technical death-grind. Pretty harsh and extreme above all. Then it takes us to the next level with progressive implementations, ending at almost sludge – atmosphere. I’m in awe about the work which is being done here. They migrate, have violent stop & go’s all this in the manner of higher form of art. Really – this is very artistic and graceful album if You go into all the structures, atmosphere and brutality. Continue reading Review: A Million Dead Birds Laughing – Xen