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Stab in the face – Aeon Of Horus

Whoa, this is it! Massive piece of technical, keyboard driven, death metal! There are hundreds of tempo changes (especially in the first tracks). The melodies are often similar to Necrophagist but Aeon Of Horus is class itself. I love the use of keyboards by the way. They’re very subtle and plays almost all the time in the background, creating intriguing atmosphere. Later in the album, music evolving in more mature and dark mood. “The Embodiment of Darkness and Light” is very high value album. Even my wife like it and she isn’t into tech death scene, really (except Death maybe, but they’re different story…). They were able to achieve some kind of versatility. Technical for sure but not orthodox. Great melodies and high quality vocals make it a must have album!

Ps. they have released new EP – “Exile” on July. I must check it asap.

The Embodiment of Darkness and Light (2008)
Technical Death Metal, Self-released