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And on this day, new albums by three great bands were made available to me

On this wonderful day Gorod’s A Perfect Absolution was FINALLY available for digital purchase from my preferred music vendors, which I have been waiting months for. On this same day the new Allegaeon album Formshifter AND Weight of Oceans by In Mourning were also made available. All three albums were MUST-PURCHASE-IMMEDIATELY sort of affairs for me (here Amazon, please take my money). I revisited my appreciation of these bands on Technical Tuesday by spending some quality metal time with each band’s back catalog. I chose to focus on one album each. Continue reading And on this day, new albums by three great bands were made available to me

New album by Allegaeon?! You have my attention…

I will begin this news briefing that I am not often the one to introduce new bands to people. In general, I feel like I am always the last one to show up for the party when it comes to exciting new bands and releases. Example: Allegaeon. The band’s full length, Fragments of Form and Function, was released in July of 2010, and I did not hear the album until late 2011. Even worse, I even read a review of the album before it was released, and thought “Hmmmm, this sounds like something I would like.” And yet I did nothing. Continue reading New album by Allegaeon?! You have my attention…

Interview: Allegaeon (USA)

Interview with Greg Burges / guitarist of Allegaeon.

Allegaeon - bandAllegaeon is young american band connecting undaunting technique and melodies with no strings attached. They have alot of classical influences, virtuoso soloing and colorful tech death metal. I’ve been listening alot to their last year’s debut “Fragments of Form and Function” and it’s hard to let go. There’s no single second of boredom – those are very ambitious sounds who may interest simply everybody. Without further hesitation, I invite You to lecture… Continue reading Interview: Allegaeon (USA)

Fragments of Allegaeon

Look what I’ve found! Maybe not too fresh technical concept but very well executed! Production is massive and the technicality present. Some stomps and breakdown which may get You confused about real nature of ALLEGAEON (could be compared to some metalcore acts). Anyway, this is pretty badass melodic / technical death metal music. By implementing prefix “melodic” they for sure can get to more casual metal maniax – because not everyone listens to such complex music as tdm is. Song writing is catchy and the soloing is very well done – almost amusing I must say. Below You can check the official video to “Biomech” track off this mentioned album.


Fragments Of Form And Function (2010)
USA, Metal Blade Records, Melodic Technical Death Metal