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Review: Apocrophex – Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar

Apocrophex - Suspended from the Cosmic AltaarAPOCROPHEX

USA, Manicidic Records, Technical Death Metal

New Jersey’s space-traveling duo (Justin Buell: all instruments; Pete Colucci; vocals) behind Apocarophex transmitted a two-track EP in 2014,  Wheels Within Wheels, which set a high standard of virtuoso death metal destruction paired with incredibly unique bellows.  And does Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar deliver to techheads eagerly awaiting the full-length?

Yes. Very much yes. Suspended may be the debut of the year. Entrenched in a fuzzy, earthy tone (with a suitably high bass production), Apocrophex stand out from the production line bands that insist on clinical coldness. The duo excel in an area that most groups in the field have never heard of: moderation. Rather than trying to outcalculate Stephen Hawking, Apocrophex focuses on organic riffing, supported by airy sections that allow listeners to gather and recollect (i.e. “Being Dissolved.”) Such moments allow appreciation of the complexity of the music and the underlying melody within it… as opposed to the tactic of flattening the audience with a forgettable, endless stream of notes.

Closer “Exposed Organics” proves a fitting description of the album; unlike a cyborg wearing organic skin atop machine parts, Apocrophex wears machine parts atop an inner working of organic elements, elevating complex songs to catchy memorability. For fans of the sub-subgenre, Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar is a debut that should not be missed.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewer: Witness to the Void