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Technical Tuesday – The Alien Chronicles (Part III)

In the deepest recesses of space, the furthest corners of nonesxistance, there pass few travelers. From this void, from this infinite plane of nothing, comes a voyager with a commentary of the cosmic kind. Messages from beyond the veil… messages of cosmic technical death metal.  Here are the words of the witness, the Witness to the Void, of the alien races heard on each album. 

This third alien chronicles includes two beings that seek to deliver a message to the ears of man, messages that the world may or not yet be ready for. The first, a gigantic traveler of the universe bearing a message about our current habits… and the second, an older voyager of the metaphysical realm beyond the terrestrial world of man… Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The Alien Chronicles (Part III)

Technical Tuesday – Which did not start very technical at all

Today began dreary and overcast, the perfect weather for seriously misanthropic music. Not one to miss out on this, I spun some Anaal Nathrakh and Mistress, who, although not very technical, definitely know how to bring the metal. Anaal Nathrakh play an absolutely virulent blend of black/grind/industrial/death with some falsetto power metal vocals thrown in for good measure, while Mistress (with 4 of 5 members also being in Anaal Nathrakh) deliver some of the most disgusting music I have ever heard. Its sludge/grind for waking up facedown in the gutter. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – Which did not start very technical at all

Classic Tech Death Album: “Unquestionable Presence” by Atheist

Atheist – Unquestionably Present in the Past and Future of Death Metal

WHO: Atheist, the quintessential innovators of progressive and technical death metal from the early 90’s. Beginning in the late 80’s as Oblivion and then R.A.V.A.G.E. (Raging Atheists Vowing A Gory End), Atheist had a 17 year gap (1993 – 2010) where no studio material was released. This incarnation was Kelly Shaefer on vocals/guitar, Randy Burke on guitar, Steve Flynn (Gnostic) on drums, and Tony Choy (Pestilence, Cynic) on bass. Choy was brought in to play lines written by Roger Patterson, who tragically died in car crash before recording the album. Continue reading Classic Tech Death Album: “Unquestionable Presence” by Atheist

Atheist is back!

But could they live to the legend? At this moment, I can’t tell. I’ve heard this cd only by once and found some really critical voices about it. “Jupiter” is maybe too modern and not really connects with the band’s past. Nothing innovative here really, but obviously it’s a lot of technicality in here. Some may say “technical wankery” but hey – it is a technical death metal! What did You expect? Oh I know – Atheist should be more jazz-driven, progressive band. And now it suits for bands like The Faceless.

Sound is sterile as some of the reviewers, mentioned but this is not the problem for me. It simply lacks a groovy elements which can make goosebumps on Your whole body. It’s somehow melodic but in the mediocre way, and You should be listening to the technical masterpiece. I must re-listen to it, couple times and I will come back with new thoughts.