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Technical Tuesday – Don’t Be a Hater!

Deathcore crept up on us like a wicked hangover. There were fun times preceding it, and as it started to form we thought maybe it would pass by without being a big deal, like maybe if we ignored it then it would just go away. But then BOOM, a legion of headaches lined up to assault the skulls of metalheads (and not in the good way).

However, ‘core doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Unlike a wicked hangover, deathcore has some very redeeming qualities, especially when preceded by “technical” or “progressive.” To emphasize this point, I want to check out two bands per tag that I believe could persuade listeners not to be such haters. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – Don’t Be a Hater!

Technical Tuesday – The Third Terror!

Third Time’s a Charm

I would like to begin this Tuesday with an apology. I let you down, metalheads, and I am very sorry for this grievous error on my part. It is with the greatest of shame that I admit… I did not listen to the new Meshuggah today. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but why?! How could you not listen to such a great album on Technical Tuesday?!” someone ¬†yells.

And so I respond, “It was Goshuggist’s fault! He got me on a big Dying Fetus kick!” Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The Third Terror!