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Now Playing – Green Related Stuff

This past Tuesday the new Baroness album, Yellow & Green, hit shelves. However, as this (these?) album(s) have nothing to do with technical death metal, and increasingly less to do with metal in general, they do not make for a TDM relevant post. Hence, I thought to myself, “Ok, what is green and technical death metal?”

To me, the first thing that came to mind was Gojira. Their lyrics are all about the environment and toxic waste and so on. Also, I really dig “Adoration for None” because it features Randy Blythe of Lamb of God. Continue reading Now Playing – Green Related Stuff

Technical Tuesday – The half-year best of!

I originally had numerous ideas for this week’s column, but while at work (I think about metal a LOT at work) it occurred to me to check which albums I had listened to most in 2012. The list was completely dominated by technical death metal (naturally) as well as the latest Paradise Lost and Cannibal Corpse offerings. Then, I thought to myself, “Man, metalheads LOVE (and HATE) lists! This is a great idea!”

This list is based entirely on number of plays. Hence, an album like Detrimentum’s Inhuman Disgrace, released in January, has a major edge on something like Nile’s At the Gates of Sethu, released months later. Gojira, also a recent release, simply didn’t have enough plays to make the top 15, along with other major players that will most certainly see better representation in a year-end list based on my opinion of the albums. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The half-year best of!

TDM Staff review: Cattle Decapitation – Monolith of Inhumanity

cattle-decapitation-monolith-of-inhumanityCATTLE DECAPITATION
Monolith of Inhumanity (2012)

United States, Metal Blade Records, Technical Deathgrind

“Well, You Have This Carnivore’s Attention.”


I think it’s safe to say ‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’ is already one of the best deathgrind CDs I’ve ever heard. Hell, if I didn’t say that there would be something wrong with my ears. Punishingly brutal, savagely intense and yet, poignant. Melodic. Choruses that remind me of Devin Townsend.

This album is easily Cattle Decapitation’s very best. I admit to having a greater affinity for later Cattle Decapitation albums but I don’t see how even rabid fans of their old work could deny that fact. Everything that has made Cattle Decapitation into deathgrind virtuosos succeeds like never before. Travis Ryan is a monster. The sheer range and power on display here breaks any/all records. The music itself has topped every previous outing technically, brutally and (thankfully) compositionally. Old Cattle Decapitation is perfectly brutal but the cohesiveness of this record makes ‘Human Jerky’/‘Homovore’ look amateurish in comparison. This is the real deal; listen to this album at your own risk. It will undoubtedly kick your ass.

The only way a better deathgrind album could be made after this is if Travis Ryan, Pete Chavez & Nick Liuzzi of Slaughterbox and Josh Elmore formed a vegan deathgrind supergroup.

10/10 – Goshuggist

“Misanthropy and Sickness Prevail”

Cattle Decapitation has always had some of the sickest gurgles in the west. Travis Ryan’s “100% organic” vocals have been absolutely inhuman, hitting everything but clean vocals – until now.

The single word review for Monolith of Inhumanity is variety. These (human) skin-shredding vegans deliver a delightfully disgusting package that wraps up all the best parts of the various sub-sub genres of death metal.  “Carbon Stampede” sprints with the frantic beat of deathgrind; “Dead Set on Suicide” swings the sledgehammer of brutal death metal; “Do Not Resuscitate” dives and marches with the dynamics of Aborted gore metal; “Projectile Ovulation” slings math licks worthy of technical death; and “Gristle Licker” even has some harmonies worthy of progressive death.  Don’t mistake this variety for a lack of heaviness – Monolith hits with skull-smashing riffs and coroner-crawls aplenty.

And of course what everyone is talking about. Clean vocals…in only the way Cattle Decapitation could do them – vile, infected, and oozing.  Check out “Your Disposal” for a taste of the plague.  The only thing that holds the album back for me is the slower pace of the last two tracks. Aside from those, Monolith of Inhumanity is perfect. Perfectly putrid, that is.

9/10 – Witness to the Void

“A Living, Brutal Piece of Crushing Death Metal”

I first discovered Cattle Decapitation when I was first getting into death metal, around the time that “The Harvest Floor” had been released for a few months. The first thing that really struck me was Travis Ryan’s vocals. They were unique, and despite not being extremely low (how I normally like vocals to be) and occasionally delving into hardcore territory in some of the shouts, they had a brilliant timbre and fit perfectly with the insanity that the songs emulated. On this album, he even has some clean parts, noticeably on the song “A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat”.

One thing I can’t say I’m fond of with this release is the fuck-up with the volumes. I don’t know whether or not it was intentional to let the drums overtly cover up the strings with a wall of blast beats, but it’s certainly inconvenient when I’m trying to prove to someone that death metal isn’t tuneless music that’s always about senseless gore. The vegetarian/”Kill ALL the humans!” theme is still there, but at some points, all that the untrained ear can notice is noise, even more so than usual. It’s still a brilliant album, regardless.

8/10 – InexorableRotting

“A funeral of modern tech death!”

Ouch! This is some heavy, fuckin’ manifestation of death metal absolute! This reminds me a giant octopus vomiting upon the humans who dive into black waters by accident. My ears were bleeding after the first, tenth and five hundred session with this, arguably most technical release of 2012! Cattle Decapitation is an irresistible force in all manner of emancipating, destructive form. This piece of music is uber-fast and progressive like a stomach flu. No, really! This is progressive as hell! The drumming is insane. Those are most aggressive and intuitive patters that I heard in a long time. You feel like a beaten by a baseball bat. Shit, this thing is massive! There is 600 beats per minute and it doesn’t end well for You. Try not to spin Your head in circles, ha! Another piece of art are the vocals. Despite the epic, brutal growl – You should enjoy the little higher and very dynamic, shrieks. Maybe more black metal alike but woohoo… those will damage You for sure.  Adds priceless variety to a such high-end specialized music. Guitars are endless passages of ephemeral melodies closed in a virtuous manner. Exquisite technique is manifested in every second of this release. “Monolith Of Inhumanity” is most extreme, intense technical death metal album to date. I love every single note in here. Perfection in service of tech death. A must have!

10/10 – Rimmon


Technical Tuesday – “Hi, yes, I was interested in Cattle Decapitation?”

“Cattle Decapitation? I think this probably isn’t the right department… ”

Actually, this is exactly the right department, especially for some feedback about the decapitation of cattle. Or Cattle Decapitation, more precisely. These guys have been the buzzword around the TDM laboratories and on this particular Technical Tuesday I would like to look into the albums a bit…in the order that I heard them myself. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – “Hi, yes, I was interested in Cattle Decapitation?”

Review: Cattle Decapitation – The Harvest Floor

The Harvest Floor (2009)

USA, Metal Blade Records, Technical Deathgrind

This is an article I wrote a few years past for the then-current release of The Harvest Floor. I thought it seemed particularly relevant with the recent release of the new Cattle Decapitation album Monolith of Inhumanity, which TDM will be doing a staff review on shortly.  This was printed in a publication with approximately five readers that considered themselves fans of metal – one of them being me – hence, the intended audience is not the normal TDM clientele. Aside from the very last sentence, the article remains as it was originally printed.  Continue reading Review: Cattle Decapitation – The Harvest Floor