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Review: Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy

Cryptopsy (2012)

Canada, Self-released, Technical Death Metal

Over a long career, any band will eventually have some missteps. Even the greats pen some weaker albums. By definition alone, not every album can be the best. However, the defining moment in a band’s career may be after that dropped ball: should they accept their fate, and fade into obscurity after increasingly uninspired releases?

Or return full-force, guns-blazing?

Flo Mournier and company, with original axe-swinger John Levasseur, have drawn the line in the sand, and shown which side of it Cryptopsy stands on. Although the self-titled seventh full-length contains only two original members, apparently that is enough to synthesize oldschool sickness with hard-hitting modern production for a reinvigorated and technical kickstart.

What was Levasseur doing in the 12 years between And Then You’ll Beg  and Cryptopsy? Storing up ideas, apparently, as his riffs bounce and crush like two-ton rubber mallets. His leads are as sinister as ever, drifting slowly and accelerating quickly, like cautiously leaning off a skyscraper…. then diving with vigor. Meanwhile, Mournier brings his ever-destructive flurry of destruction. The drums are akin to being swarmed by killer bees. Car-sized, carnivorous, killer bees. With bludgeoning weapons. Continue reading Review: Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy

Witness to the Void’s Top 10 in 2012!

Another great year of metal has come to an end!

My mental dialogue earlier this week:
Me 1: This has been a great year for metal.
Me 2: Yes, yes it has. But wait, you say that every year.
Me 1: True, true. Maybe you are right. Maybe I would just say that every year …
… but wait, at least I’m not saying that this year was a bad year for metal. Now
that would be bad, wouldn’t it?

Perhaps I will always find top-tier releases and memorable surprises in a yearly list of metal, but 2012 had some particularly relevant heavy-hitters. We saw new releases from technical mainstays such as Meshuggah, Hour of Penance, Gorod, Cattle Decapitation, and Dying Fetus, as well as a collaboration on 2012’s Spawn of Possession release so wicked it seemed unreal. As always, 2012 brought us some newcomers to watch in coming years: the galactic destruction of Xenocide; the decadently Necrophagist-esque sophistication of Sophicide; and the usurpers to the throne of Cryptopsy, Desecravity. Oh, and speaking of Cryptopsy, we saw a return to form that will not be forgotten anytime soon. So, without further schizophrenic commentary, here is the top 10 technical death metal releases of 2012, as seen by The Witness to the Void.

Continue reading Witness to the Void’s Top 10 in 2012!

MORE new tracks from Cryptopsy?!

Yessir, that is correct, recently-returned death metal titans Cryptopsy have three new tracks available on the new compilation The Best of Us Bleed. The new songs are exclusive to this release, and are titled “Boden,” “A Graceful Demise,” and “Holodomor.” They are the first three tracks on the collection (released on November 12th through Century Media, in contrast to their self-released and self-titled album from September).

As any discerning technical death metal fan would imagine, the three newbies sound similar stylistically and production wise to the self-titled release. However, they have some parts that make them seem just a bit different, and not in a bad way, just sort of noticeable. Unlike some songs that may surface in such an occasion (I am curious about the record label situation), these songs do NOT sound like leftover tracks better discarded to the cutting room floor, and have a fair amount of identity and individuality. In fact, I quite dig them. Continue reading MORE new tracks from Cryptopsy?!