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The return of LORD WORM! … but to black metal?

Yes, its true, the vilest of the vile has returned to the metal scene once again. After leaving us in years past (for a career in a brewery, who can really blame him?), Lord Worm has returned to cause bleeding from the ears (in the good way) with his new project Rage Nucléaire. Unlike what the hungry old school death metal fan may be hoping for, Unrelenting Fucking Hatred is not a death metal rehash, but a foray into the realm of black metal. I myself am a fan of black metal, especially with the onset of winter approaching, but I will leave the reviewing for another, more grim-leaning site (as I am distinctly not trve or kvlt). Continue reading The return of LORD WORM! … but to black metal?

Technical Tuesday – The Curse of the Great

The online metal community is not a very forgiving one. A band changes directions, and with the release of the first single “fans” start bashing how terrible the band has become. And by bashing I mean spitting as much hate as possible, with as many vulgarities as they can not-so-creatively come up with.

So, let’s say for argument’s sake, that Gorezombiephobiatopsy puts out your favorite album ever, Deader Than Dead Times A Million Deads. This is your favorite brutal post blackened atmospheric deathgaze  metal album of all time. Later, said favorite band puts out a new album, with a new progressive vibe. Inevitably you will compare it to the old one, RIGHT? And if the old album is really your favorite, then the new album, no matter how good, may NEVER live up to that original one! This is what I call the “Curse of the Great.” Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The Curse of the Great

New Cryptopsy – but is it OLD enough?

I can’t think of a single metal album as universally trashed, bashed, and ridiculed as The Unspoken King by Cryptopsy. People absolutely loathe it. And seeing this, the band promised a return to form in the next album.

So, four years later we have Cryptopsy. The self-titled album, when it isn’t the first full length, is always risky in my book. I am sure that Cryptopsy is well aware that their fans didn’t want to hear another deathcore album, and wanted the old stuff. The None So Vile stuff.

None So Vile it is not. However, its definitely a step in the right direction. But is it enough of a step? For many, it would require a pretty big leap. In fact, I think for many it would require a time machine back to 1996.

I am enjoying Cryptopsy. However, I can’t help but think of Desecravity’s Implicit Obedience, which was a whole lotta VILE, and a whole lotta savagery and AWESOME. Did the Japanese Cryptopsy out-Cryptopsy the real Cryptopsy on Cryptopsy?!

Or, should I just forget the whole thing, and enjoy Cryptopsy and not think about what Cryptopsy was 16 years ago? Bands change, members change, styles change, the world changes… Hey, I like change! But, in this case, change is back to how things were, and I like the way things were, so this is change to before change, so is it still change? Wait, now this is getting confusing…

Anyway, its a step in the right direction, I know that for sure. And I like that. And Cryptopsy sounds good.

New Cryptopsy? BETRAYAL!

Hey, remember when Cryptopsy was one of the greatest Death Metal bands of all time? Remember the first time Lord Worm ever kicked your ass with his demonic snarls? Remember in 2007 when Cryptopsy finally killed their last bit of credibility as a pioneer in the genre? Now you can relive that last memory all over again this month when Matt McGachy sodomizes Cryptopsy’s corpse yet again and then sets it on fire.

For those of you who might be wondering, this is not a comeback album. A comeback usually indicates some return to a past standard of quality. There is no such return here. ‘Two Pound Torch’ (Seriously, what the FUCK) sounds like ‘Whisper Supremacy’ if it was shit out by Sven of Aborted and then resuscitated by one of those Job For A Cowboy scenesters who think they’re ‘so brutal’. I’m ashamed to have even listened to this track on Youtube. I feel like I’ve disgraced the memory of this band by even acknowledging a new release…and I’m not even the biggest Cryptopsy fan out there, let alone on this website. Continue reading New Cryptopsy? BETRAYAL!

Resurrection of the almighty Cryptopsy? Really?

I was such pissed off when I heard “The Unspoken King” that words can’t describe it. Cryptopsy was my all time favourite and masters beyond all… “The Unspoken King” was like a spit in my face and i turn my ass to them. Now, as the new album premiere approaches… the SELF TITLED album I must mention… I had bad feeling about this. It seemed to be like final nail to their coffin but…

I wen’t to their bandcamp profile to crush my adorable & cute computer to pieces and found 2 new songs… very interesting! Whoa, I was shocked because Matt McGachy stopped sounding like total piece of crap and sounds only like mediocre death metal vocalist. It’s a breakthrough! More of this… they have jazz improvisation in there, woohoo! There is some technique involved and MUCH less deathcore feeling… hope it turns to be (slow) return to their roots.

PS. Sorry for being so personal but this THE one band for me that I loved and all and suddenly they fucked up… ehh

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