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Technical Tuesday – Why Rubber Belongs in Metal

I really dig on old-fashioned progressive/technical death metal, especially in the style of Atheist and the like. Today, I want to highlight one of my favorite features of said music – a very rubbery sounding bass guitar that isn’t afraid to play leads. I just can’t get enough of that loose, thick, slapping bass sound.

To demonstrate this sound I have chosen two albums, one recent, and one older. Both exemplify this bass sound not only in production, but also in the role of the bass guitar, allowing it to step into the forefront and lead the song, rather than get buried to the point of being indecipherable. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – Why Rubber Belongs in Metal

Technical Tuesday Five – something old, something new, something told, and two somethings in two

This week’s list comes delayed as a result of a downpour. No, we didn’t have any flash floods…well, not in real life anyway. The Technical Tuesday columns are typically typed timely like, on Tuesday evening. However, this week’s was obstructed by videogaming, specifically, in the form of Downpour. That is, the new Silent Hill videogame. Typically I take turns playing with my friend, switching the control whenever someone dies, but this gaming sessions had remarkably short innings as our protagonist met his untimely demise over, and over, and over….  Anyway, this week’s column features a bit of new discoveries, a bit of old favorites, and a bit of those records you buy, don’t listen to for a long time, and then realize are really awesome, but not until months later. Hence, I used the old wedding superstition, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” but added a little beat of deathening up. That being said, here are the competitors: Continue reading Technical Tuesday Five – something old, something new, something told, and two somethings in two

Classic Tech/Prog Death Album: “Individual Thought Patterns” by Death

WHO: Death himself. Fronted by Chuck Schuldiner, the man often cited as being the father of death metal, this dream-team incarnation of Death also consisted of Steve DiGiorgio on bass, Andy LaRocque on guitar, and Gene Hoglan on drums. For those unfamiliar with the band, Chuck passed away in 2001 after a battle with brain cancer.

WHEN: Originally released by Combat Records in 1993, Individual Thought Patterns is a landmark in death metal history. The album has also recently been re-released in a three CD deluxe addition featuring a live set from Germany (in 1993) and a full album of demo tracks.

WHERE: Hailing from Florida, this album was recorded with Scott Burns at Morrisound Recording Studios. The production carries his signature, as well as showcases Death’s roots in Floridian death metal. Continue reading Classic Tech/Prog Death Album: “Individual Thought Patterns” by Death

Decrepit Birth plays Death

A little thing worth mentioning about the “Polarity” album from Decrepit Birth is the song cover. You can listen to the very own interpretation of “See Through Dreams” by Death. This version is pretty decent. Brutal, meat sound suits very well to the regular tracks. It is not a revolutionary version but it keeps the original atmosphere. Worth listening for sure.

Long live Death!