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In the New Year, There Will Be DEATH!

2013 was a very solid year for technical music. However, that was yesteryear, and here at TDM.com we are already looking for new ways to scramble our brains, mentally and physically, in 2014. Here are some of the records I am most looking forward to mathing my face off with in the first quarter:

Origin – Omnipresent [Date TBA, Nuclear Blast Records]

Although 2012’s Entity didn’t garner the pangalactic praise of 2009’s Antithesis, the re-fortified quartet shows no sign of hanging up their brooms or powershredders. At the time of posting, Origin had just finished recording the new album. No doubt the over-the-top technicality will cause us to stare into the abyss and reflect on the human condition, and its insignificance, as it has in years past.

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Technical Tuesday – The Curse of the Great

The online metal community is not a very forgiving one. A band changes directions, and with the release of the first single “fans” start bashing how terrible the band has become. And by bashing I mean spitting as much hate as possible, with as many vulgarities as they can not-so-creatively come up with.

So, let’s say for argument’s sake, that Gorezombiephobiatopsy puts out your favorite album ever, Deader Than Dead Times A Million Deads. This is your favorite brutal post blackened atmospheric deathgaze  metal album of all time. Later, said favorite band puts out a new album, with a new progressive vibe. Inevitably you will compare it to the old one, RIGHT? And if the old album is really your favorite, then the new album, no matter how good, may NEVER live up to that original one! This is what I call the “Curse of the Great.” Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The Curse of the Great