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TDM 2-Way Review: Defeated Sanity – Passages Into Deformity

defeated-sanityDefeated Sanity
Passages Into Deformity (2013)

Germany, Willowtip Records, Brutal Death Metal

The Legendary German Death Machine Strikes Again.

It’s no secret that I love Defeated Sanity. ‘Psalms Of The Moribund and ‘Chapters Of Repugnance’ are two of my favorite Death Metal records of all time so naturally my expectations for ‘Passages Into Deformity’ were through the roof…and once again, Defeated Sanity delivered anything and everything I could have possibly wanted.

For those of you wondering, ‘Passages Into Deformity’ could have very easily been called ‘Psalms Of Repugnance’ as it’s such an expert mixture of everything that made both previous full lengths so phenomenal. That isn’t to say this record has no identity of its own; like other masters of the genre, Defeated Sanity has simply capitalized on everything they know makes their band such a force to be reckoned with. Inhuman guttural sickness, drumming wizardry, bass virtuosity and guitar riffs that are as mind bogglingly technical as they are disgustingly heavy; us fans know the drill by now but what you might not have realized is this is easily Defeated Sanity’s most well-crafted album. A marvelous concoction of genius songwriting and life ending intensity. Throw in guest vocals from the legendary Frank Rini and A.J. Magana and you have 2013’s first Top 5 ‘Albums Of The Year’ Contender. Continue reading TDM 2-Way Review: Defeated Sanity – Passages Into Deformity

Full Album Streaming Now: Defeated Sanity – Passages into Deformity

Yes, the title is telling the truth! You can stream the entire new Defeated Sanity album, Passages into Deformity, in all its technical brutal depravity, from Lambgoat.com.

The link is http://lambgoat.com/features/58/Defeated-Sanity-Passages-Into-Deformity-album-stream

In case you were wondering, it is just and sick as heavy as you would imagine, and maybe even more so. Passages into Deformity was released on Willowtip Records on February 5th. Check it out – it will definitely be one of the sickest we see in 2013. Continue reading Full Album Streaming Now: Defeated Sanity – Passages into Deformity

Review: Defeated Sanity – Chapters Of Repugnance

Chapters Of Repugnance (2010)

Germany, Willowtip Records, Brutal Technical Death Metal. 

More often than not, describing something as hideous is a way of conveying disparaging disapproval. In the case of Defeated Sanity’s ‘Chapters Of Repugnance’ however, I not only contend that hideous is the only accurate description of this madness but I also maintain that in totally and utterly embracing hideousness, these Germans have simultaneously embraced brilliance. The sensation of listening to this album in one sitting is equivalent to being assimilated into a volcanic structure comprised entirely of the entrails, bones and souls of former human beings. As your consciousness, physical form and humanity are twisted and broken to expand this sentient force of destruction, your screams of anguish are the only solace you can take in your last tormented moments of living as an individual. This album is that dark, brutal and fantastic. Continue reading Review: Defeated Sanity – Chapters Of Repugnance