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Review: Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails


USA, Unique Leader Records, Technical / Progressive Death Metal

On the run to the stars … Ah how amazing and original this band is. On the first record, they went into extremely melodic and technical black / death metal so I waited impatiently for the “The Harvest Wombs” follower. “The Flesh Prevails” has a much greater momentum and heaves wide, progressive circles. It also has a incredible speed and space atmosphere. I’m pretty sure you have not heard this year anything as intense and progressive on such scale. Vibrating guitars, like sinusoid go up and down through whole scale (NO guitar wankery!). There is no exaggeration at any moment. This is extreme but melodic music. Often stops and leaves place for improvisations. It can sing ethereally with female voices. Despite the fact it often inputs million sounds into our heads in different distances – they are perfectly fit. One guitar fills main motif and the second one limp single notes somewhere on the other side. This is also the uniqueness of these sounds. You can place them in the space because they offer great space and amazing deep. Continue reading Review: Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails

Bow Your head before Fallujah – The Harvest Wombs

I was sceptical at first look onto cover but as they say: “don’t judge book by it’s cover”. I’ve listened to “The Harvest Wombs” about hundred times right now and I must say: the new king is here! Fallujah is dribbling with brutal vocals, highly technical death metal parts, blackened atmosphere and deathcore “freshness” at the same time. This connection is simply masterful. Very dynamic and intense. There’s no unnecessary parts in here. Only mad rhythmic entwined with courageous melodies composed into blastful piece of virtuosity. Very crisp and vital music act. Sometimes youthful and sometimes very mature (especially when diving into deep melody progression – “Become One” for example). This is 10/10 album for me. Rich and bright technical death metal conglomerate. A must have!

The Harvest Wombs (2011)

USA, Unique Leader, Technical Death Metal