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Review: Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage


France, Roadrunner Records, Progressive/Groove/Death Metal

A metal reviewer, especially a fan of both progressive metal and death metal, may be tempted to write two reviews for L’Enfant Sauvage: the first would praise the mature, alternative side of this more melodic release, and highlight the ecological lyrics and conceptual decadence. The second, the TDM review, laments the melodic focus, and especially mourns the loss of the pace changes and technical bursts that made Gojira so memorable.

Although Gojira has never dwelt in the crypts with Suffocation and Defeated Sanity, past releases boasted consistently crushing heaviness. The gargantuan production and squeaking slides remain on L’Enfant Sauvage, but the introduction of melodic passages, clean vocals, alternative rock melodies, and auto-tuning steadily move Gojira away from the deathly norm…and some of their fans. And yes, you read that right, auto-tuning. Continue reading Review: Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage

Now Playing – Green Related Stuff

This past Tuesday the new Baroness album, Yellow & Green, hit shelves. However, as this (these?) album(s) have nothing to do with technical death metal, and increasingly less to do with metal in general, they do not make for a TDM relevant post. Hence, I thought to myself, “Ok, what is green and technical death metal?”

To me, the first thing that came to mind was Gojira. Their lyrics are all about the environment and toxic waste and so on. Also, I really dig “Adoration for None” because it features Randy Blythe of Lamb of God. Continue reading Now Playing – Green Related Stuff

Technical Tuesday – The Alien Chronicles (Part III)

In the deepest recesses of space, the furthest corners of nonesxistance, there pass few travelers. From this void, from this infinite plane of nothing, comes a voyager with a commentary of the cosmic kind. Messages from beyond the veil… messages of cosmic technical death metal.  Here are the words of the witness, the Witness to the Void, of the alien races heard on each album. 

This third alien chronicles includes two beings that seek to deliver a message to the ears of man, messages that the world may or not yet be ready for. The first, a gigantic traveler of the universe bearing a message about our current habits… and the second, an older voyager of the metaphysical realm beyond the terrestrial world of man… Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The Alien Chronicles (Part III)

‘L’enfant Sauvage’: Bien joué messieurs, bien joué.

This really has been/is/will continue to be an amazing year for metal music. Spawn Of Possession, Meshuggah, Hour Of Penance and Gorod have all released albums that are either their pinnacle or their best in years and all signs point toward Dying Fetus and Suffocation having similar showings. So what of Gojira? The band’s last showing certainly astounded almost everyone who ever heard it here in the states and earned them a much larger following, which they’ve deserved since 2001’s ‘Terra Incognita’. However, in their native France, Gojira’s earned themselves quite a bit of trepidation. Some French metalheads (including my own brother) who have followed the band since their creation as Godzilla in 1996 fear that their sound has been ‘americanized’. My opinion of the demos certainly isn’t negative, but the band’s trademark sound was nowhere to be found. ‘Possessed’ for instance was really just a straight forward Brutal Death Metal release. Nothing wrong with that of course but for someone like me who listens to Brutal Death Metal as much as some people breath, it just fails to impact me even a tenth as much as their albums. The Godzilla demos are good, but not legendary. As far as I’m concerned ‘Terra Incognita’ is the beginning of my obsessive fandom. Continue reading ‘L’enfant Sauvage’: Bien joué messieurs, bien joué.