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Review: Inanimate Existence – Liberation Through Hearing

Liberation Through Hearing (2012)

USA, Unique Leader Records, Technical Brutal Death Metal

Interludes and atmospheric instrumentals in death metal usually make me reach for the skip button. This is DEATH metal, and I want to hear some face-ripping riffs, not some cheesy keyboard background music from a bad vampire movie or recycled acoustic guitar filler tracks. However, every now and then I hear an atmospheric track that actually makes an album better, rather than simply disrupting the flow. Liberation Through Hearing is one of such albums, and with eight instrumental tracks, it demonstrates how top-notch technical death metal can get even better when a band is willing to experiment with song variety. Continue reading Review: Inanimate Existence – Liberation Through Hearing

Goshuggist’s Top 10 in 2012!


2012 was one hell of a year for Metal music. So much so that even listing off every amazing/top notch/legendary Death Metal album from last year is practically impossible, especially in a Top 10 list.  These 10 albums were chosen after much deliberation and part of that process was listening to so many phenomenal LPs that choosing 10 almost felt wrong. In the end though, these 10 albums have towered over everything else in technical death metal all year. These are the albums that redefined bands and bent genres and only one can be the very best. Let’s get to it… Continue reading Goshuggist’s Top 10 in 2012!