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Review: Inferi – The Path Of Apotheosis

The Path of Apotheosis (2014)

USA, The Artisan Era, Symphonic / Technical Death Metal

The neoclassical, symphonic death metal. Whoa… what a blast! Inferi are extremely sculpted, pompous figure filled with continuous technique and many neoclassical connections. It also richly incorporates black metal vibe. I like the evolution that band passes during those 64 minutes. Has alot to offer for the listener and skillfully combines some solutions such as virtuosic solos driven by extreme drumming. Also there are progressive developments as in “Onslaught Of The Covenant”. There will be no exaggeration to say this album is epic. Epic in a serious manner and without the triumph of form over substance. Instrumentally its extremely rich and can not say a bad word about lyrical layer too. “There is method in this madness” – this slogan could guide the Americans in the making of their third work. Gentlemen with the sense worthy of the composer joined many components in one unit. They shock with quality and complexity of their work. Continue reading Review: Inferi – The Path Of Apotheosis