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Classic Tech Death Album: ‘Elvenefris’ by Lykathea Alame

The (old) new age of Progressive Brutal Death

WHO: Lykathea Aflame, formerly Appalling Spawn, and later reformed with a new lineup as Lykathé.

WHERE: Prague, the Czech Republic.

WHEN: 2000, after which the band ceased playing together. Plans for a future album were announced under the name of Lykathé, but no release date has been announced.

WHAT it’s all about: Old world themes to get at new age philosophy and mysticism: reincarnation, spirituality, salvation, sympathy… you know, the typical brutal death metal topics. Continue reading Classic Tech Death Album: ‘Elvenefris’ by Lykathea Alame

Now Playing: Lots of music on Tuesday!

Introducing… Technical Tuesday!

At my place of employment I enjoy the distinctly awesome opportunity of being able to listen to music of my choice while working. This of course allows me to listen to a lot of metal. The weather outside very much influences my choice in music – once old man winter leaves for the year, Immortal’s At the Heart of Winter doesn’t see rotation again until the first snow.

If the season can influence my music choice, why not the day? Hence, Technical Tuesday, a new weekly column where I will be giving very short summaries on each album I listened to, and picking a weekly winner. Let’s begin…. Continue reading Now Playing: Lots of music on Tuesday!