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The Top Tech: Numbers 21 to 11 in 2011

With so many good albums this year I just couldn’t bear to limit my year end list to only 10. Well, and I have a bit of spare time on my hands at the moment, so I thought I would share with all the metal readers some of the other albums I was spinning this year that didn’t quite make my top 10. It was tough decision making process, even ranking these, which shows how strong of a year this was for metal releases. But first, the top EP’s of the year…

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Interview: Mithras (UK)

Interview with Leon Macey / guitarist of Mithras

From the ancient past and the depths of space comes Mithras, an extreme metal band from England. Their cosmic force sets them apart from any and all of their peers with an unmistakable and signature sound. Without further delay, the following transmission about the band comes from the words of Leon Macey, guitarist and writer for these voyagers from the far beyond. Continue reading Interview: Mithras (UK)

From beyond the eyes of man comes the new EP from Mithras

Time Never Lasts (2011) EP

experimental death metal

From beyond the barriers of time and space comes the latest transmission of Mithras, the UK experimental death metal titans. The Time Never Lasts EP features two new songs, visions of things yet to come, and three live songs from their back catalogue, glimpses into the ancient temples of yesteryear, as well as the worlds beyond the eyes of man.

Time Never Lasts furthers the progression of this band in their past three studio albums from the archaic shrines of old, moving through the infinite void of space and the madness beyond. The newer songs consist of the pummeling destruction of toppling antique alters alongside the shimmering comic waves of ethereal beings. Newcomers to the band will be surprised by the way the band mixes pounding megaton hammers of ancient war gods with futuristic transmissions from anomalous life forms. Imagine crossing the heaviest moments of the catacombs of Nile with the most vacuous warblings of later Cynic. Continue reading From beyond the eyes of man comes the new EP from Mithras