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Review: Natron – Grindermeister

Grindermeister (2012)

Italy, Southern Brigade Records, Technical Death Metal

Unburied human corpses are returning to life and feeding on the living… 

Do not try to leave your homes… They seem to survive by eating human flesh!!

Grindermeister bursts forth from the soft soil ready to tear at your flesh with a tireless hunger. Reanimated decay in the truest sense, the sixth full-length from these 20-year veterans consists of seven tracks reworked and resurrected from the band’s personal mortuary, and one cover (Terrorizer’s “Dead Shall Rise.”) Continue reading Review: Natron – Grindermeister

Technical Tuesday – The half-year best of!

I originally had numerous ideas for this week’s column, but while at work (I think about metal a LOT at work) it occurred to me to check which albums I had listened to most in 2012. The list was completely dominated by technical death metal (naturally) as well as the latest Paradise Lost and Cannibal Corpse offerings. Then, I thought to myself, “Man, metalheads LOVE (and HATE) lists! This is a great idea!”

This list is based entirely on number of plays. Hence, an album like Detrimentum’s Inhuman Disgrace, released in January, has a major edge on something like Nile’s At the Gates of Sethu, released months later. Gojira, also a recent release, simply didn’t have enough plays to make the top 15, along with other major players that will most certainly see better representation in a year-end list based on my opinion of the albums. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The half-year best of!

Technical Tuesday – In which Italy stole the show…

This week’s Technical Tuesday begins with a bit of an editorial on my part. Both Gorod’s A Perfect Absolution  and Gory Blister’s Earth Sick are not available through my preferred retailers, Amazon and iTunes, which is a problem for me. Furthermore, Gorod’s new album, which  I have been looking forward to for months, was released in Europe on MARCH 12th! A Stateside release is not going to happen until APRIL 18th! C’mon guys, what are you doing here? I could pay the extra money to have the album imported (Amazon quotes the import at nearly four times the digital download price), I suppose, but then I just feel silly because I could use that extra money to buy other albums, like Earth Sick. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – In which Italy stole the show…