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Technical Tuesday – Asylon, Asylum

I started the Technical Tuesday column as way to highlight a variety of technical bands. So far, the column has been a major success (in my eyes at least), allowing me to write about technical music in a variety of formats: to show a scattering of bands; to highlight personal favorites (Atheist’s Jupiter); to comment on how bands have changed through their careers (Origin); to give more insight into a band that will be featured in an upcoming TDM staff review (Cattle Decapitation); and, in general, to give praise where praise is due. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – Asylon, Asylum

Technical Tuesday Five – something old, something new, something told, and two somethings in two

This week’s list comes delayed as a result of a downpour. No, we didn’t have any flash floods…well, not in real life anyway. The Technical Tuesday columns are typically typed timely like, on Tuesday evening. However, this week’s was obstructed by videogaming, specifically, in the form of Downpour. That is, the new Silent Hill videogame. Typically I take turns playing with my friend, switching the control whenever someone dies, but this gaming sessions had remarkably short innings as our protagonist met his untimely demise over, and over, and over….  Anyway, this week’s column features a bit of new discoveries, a bit of old favorites, and a bit of those records you buy, don’t listen to for a long time, and then realize are really awesome, but not until months later. Hence, I used the old wedding superstition, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” but added a little beat of deathening up. That being said, here are the competitors: Continue reading Technical Tuesday Five – something old, something new, something told, and two somethings in two

Technical Tuesday – In which Italy stole the show…

This week’s Technical Tuesday begins with a bit of an editorial on my part. Both Gorod’s A Perfect Absolution  and Gory Blister’s Earth Sick are not available through my preferred retailers, Amazon and iTunes, which is a problem for me. Furthermore, Gorod’s new album, which  I have been looking forward to for months, was released in Europe on MARCH 12th! A Stateside release is not going to happen until APRIL 18th! C’mon guys, what are you doing here? I could pay the extra money to have the album imported (Amazon quotes the import at nearly four times the digital download price), I suppose, but then I just feel silly because I could use that extra money to buy other albums, like Earth Sick. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – In which Italy stole the show…

New Neuraxis album out there!

The follower to the highly acclaimed “The Thin Line Between” (2008) is finally here! Right now I don’t know what to think about it. It’s more progressive death than technical. Still there are complex song structures and all but I think it lacks some catchiness specific for this band. Maybe I was expecting too much but hey, I only listened to it three times by now. I must try harder to find the secret key in it. I hope there is one. Production is at it’s best so You can clearly know what You hear. By this time, it isn’t a 10/10 piece for me. What a pity.

NEURAXIS – Asylon (2011)
Prosthetic Records