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Classic Tech Death Album: ‘The Key’ by Nocturnus

The Key to Travel Time and Space

WHO: Time-travelers from the early 90s, Nocturnus consisted of Mike Browning (of Morbid Angel and Acheron fame) on vocals and drums; Mike Davis and Sean McNenney on guitars; Jeff Estes on bass; and Louis Panzer on keyboards. Additional backing vocals were provided by Kam Lee (Mantas, Massacre, etc.) Browning was later kicked out of his own band after the next album (1992’s Thresholds) when Davis, McNenney, and Panzer trademarked the Nocturnus name. Browning went on to form After Death, and under this name played tracks live from The Key, as well as old Morbid Angel material. Cover art for The Key was created by Dan Seagrave.

WHEN: The Key, released on Earache Records, lit fire to the metal scene in 1990. Contemporaries to the early years of Death, Cynic, and Atheist, Nocturnus provides the missing link between the rabid, thrashing, Slayer-influenced death of the late 80s, and the progressive vibe that swept in during the 90s. This was before “technical” meant mechanical and cold, a time when “technical” meant organic, vibrant, and burning. Continue reading Classic Tech Death Album: ‘The Key’ by Nocturnus