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The Top Tech in 2013

top2013The process by which TDM calculates annual lists involves numerous people, a points systems, and blind submissions. This takes a lot of time, wracks the nerves, and always results in extended discourse.

However, none of that happened this year, because everyone was busy with other stuff, so now you are stuck with only me, resulting in a best of 2013 list going to press in August. Of 2014. Sorry about that one.

“If it’s so late, why even bother?”

Let me share a short story that, along with some reader comments, rekindled my drive to complete this list. In recent weeks I saw a list that placed Deeds of Flesh in only the honorable mention. On a list of 40! I was livid. I raged. How could the writer miss that!?

In short, I hope this list inspires the same reaction. Or, gets some listeners to check out some new bands. Sorry if I left out your favorite, as I make no claim to having heard all the possible albums (even some of which are covered by other writers on this site, sorry guys)… and if I did, please let me know in the comments.

– Witness to the Void Continue reading The Top Tech in 2013

Review: Oblivion – Called to Rise

Oblivion - Called to RiseOBLIVION

United States, Technical Death Metal, Unique Leader Records

Descriptions for Oblivion’s debut full-length Called to Rise typically include adjectives not generally associated with the sub-genre of technical death metal, such as “post” and “blackened,” but the most unique element of Oblivion’s galactic spaceship gets left out of said references: classical. Yes, by that we mean like from Beethoven and all those old dudes.

Titles like “Between the Suns of Light” and “Multiverse” call to mind similar cosmonauts The Zenith Passage, a band in which drummer Luis Martinez also plays, or Xenocide, in the use of slight melodic parts. The album title, as well as the spoken word intro, may be the result of bassist Ben Orum, a founding member and primary writer of All Shall Perish. For a well-versed metalhead though, the piece of the five-man lineup that raises eyebrows will be the occupations/alternate pursuits of Dr. Nick Vasallo, a professor of music and modernist composer, and guitarist Victor Dods, who is currently pursuing a PhD in math. That’s some educated death metal right there! Continue reading Review: Oblivion – Called to Rise