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Omnihility – these fellas sure love Origin!

The Metal Archives is a very hit and miss website; what they do extremely well in publicizing unknown bands and creating a wonderful database of new outfits to discover they ruin with reactionary elitists and close minded trolls. Regardless, while looking for new bands to review and/or enjoy, I stumbled across this Eugene, Oregon based group called Omnihility.

“Sounds quite brutal,” I surmised from the name of the group.

“They’d have to be with a name meaning ‘Absolute belief in nothingness’.”

A quick Youtube search brought up none of their material save for grainy live footage. It was on Reverbnation that I finally got a taste of Omnihility’s material. As I put on the song ‘Abcess Of Oblivion’, I had a sudden, unmistakable feeling that I knew couldn’t be true. After the song played in its entirety, I played ‘Biogenesis’ and ‘Unsummoned’ in an attempt to quell the feeling, but it only continued to grow. After listening to all of the material they had put up, I was forced to acknowledge my initial feeling was correct. Continue reading Omnihility – these fellas sure love Origin!