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Goshuggist’s Top 10 in 2012!


2012 was one hell of a year for Metal music. So much so that even listing off every amazing/top notch/legendary Death Metal album from last year is practically impossible, especially in a Top 10 list.  These 10 albums were chosen after much deliberation and part of that process was listening to so many phenomenal LPs that choosing 10 almost felt wrong. In the end though, these 10 albums have towered over everything else in technical death metal all year. These are the albums that redefined bands and bent genres and only one can be the very best. Let’s get to it… Continue reading Goshuggist’s Top 10 in 2012!

Review: Pencil Lead Syringe – Pencil Lead Syringe

Pencil Lead Syringe (2012)

U.S.A., Black Sessions Inc., Brutal Death Metal/Deathgrind

I’m often astonished by the number of metalheads I talk to who aren’t familiar with Pencil Lead Syringe. It makes me cringe to think that any sizable portion of the metal community may not be familiar with the band’s legendary debut ‘Suffocated And Embalmed’, still one of the most savage/very best Brutal Death Metal records I’ve ever heard. Perhaps the reason for their relative obscurity is much like the reason for Terminally Your Aborted Ghost’s obscurity; both bands made absolute mockeries of whatever was purporting to be ‘dark’ in Brutal Death Metal with only a single album. ‘Slowly Peeling The Flesh From The Inside Of A Folded Hand’ and ‘Suffocated And Embalmed’ share a similar uninhibited nihilistic rage that most bands in the Death Metal scene can’t even fathom, let alone express musically. There’s a huge difference between an album about the deepest, darkest cesspools of man’s psyche and an album that was born of that psychosis. It’s not hard to see which camp Pencil Lead Syringe’s releases fall into. Continue reading Review: Pencil Lead Syringe – Pencil Lead Syringe