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Psycroptic - Psycroptic SmallPSYCROPTIC

Australia, Prosthetic, Technical Death Metal

A self-titled album anytime after the debut is a bold move, declaring an identity, decrying a specific sound for a group.  Doing as much six albums in says something, and a big something, like “Yeah, YEAH, this is what we sound like.” Such may lead an intrepid metalhead to wonder, “What then is said on Psycroptic?”

In a major step up from 2012’s The Inherited Repression, the self-titled record places Psycroptic comfortable at the top of their slicing rage. Perhaps more importantly, it showcases their ability to seemlessly integrate enough pace variety and influences from outside the subgenre to keep the songs interesting.

Techdeath, as style, hasn’t been new for a long time, so it takes something to stand out from the crowd (and we know it is plentiful). Riff salads, fretboard division, calculator crunching, it can Psycroptic band photoall get a bit monotonous… Yet 16 years in the Tasmanian riff tyrants find a way to craft something unique by mixing in thrash, progressive, melodic flourishes, and local flavor amongst flurries of notes and a drum hurricane. Revel in awe on “Curse of Immortality,”  an early contender for song of the year. This late-album triumph is a testament to what masters of the genre can accomplish when they take creative liberty.

A complex release, Psycroptic may not click immediately; but it will reward fans of the genre who appreciate the subtleties that separate the top tier from the xerox reproductions. Bold and unflinchingly individual, yet rooted in the subgenre, Psycroptic is why modern technical death metal is worth your time.

Rating: 9/10
Reviewer: Witness to the Void


Witness to the Void’s Top 10 in 2012!

Another great year of metal has come to an end!

My mental dialogue earlier this week:
Me 1: This has been a great year for metal.
Me 2: Yes, yes it has. But wait, you say that every year.
Me 1: True, true. Maybe you are right. Maybe I would just say that every year …
… but wait, at least I’m not saying that this year was a bad year for metal. Now
that would be bad, wouldn’t it?

Perhaps I will always find top-tier releases and memorable surprises in a yearly list of metal, but 2012 had some particularly relevant heavy-hitters. We saw new releases from technical mainstays such as Meshuggah, Hour of Penance, Gorod, Cattle Decapitation, and Dying Fetus, as well as a collaboration on 2012’s Spawn of Possession release so wicked it seemed unreal. As always, 2012 brought us some newcomers to watch in coming years: the galactic destruction of Xenocide; the decadently Necrophagist-esque sophistication of Sophicide; and the usurpers to the throne of Cryptopsy, Desecravity. Oh, and speaking of Cryptopsy, we saw a return to form that will not be forgotten anytime soon. So, without further schizophrenic commentary, here is the top 10 technical death metal releases of 2012, as seen by The Witness to the Void.

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Technical Tuesday – The half-year best of!

I originally had numerous ideas for this week’s column, but while at work (I think about metal a LOT at work) it occurred to me to check which albums I had listened to most in 2012. The list was completely dominated by technical death metal (naturally) as well as the latest Paradise Lost and Cannibal Corpse offerings. Then, I thought to myself, “Man, metalheads LOVE (and HATE) lists! This is a great idea!”

This list is based entirely on number of plays. Hence, an album like Detrimentum’s Inhuman Disgrace, released in January, has a major edge on something like Nile’s At the Gates of Sethu, released months later. Gojira, also a recent release, simply didn’t have enough plays to make the top 15, along with other major players that will most certainly see better representation in a year-end list based on my opinion of the albums. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The half-year best of!

InexorableRotting’s Top 25 Death Metal Breakdowns

I’ve seen a great number of people nowadays confusing the term “breakdown” with  “open-note chugging”. Now, all the deathcore/metalcore fans drool over them, while death metal fans hate them. Now that, if you ask me, is wrong. Here are my top 25 songs that gave better, brutal meaning to the term. The order doesn’t count for anything here, this is mostly a list of my favourites rather than any kind of ordering. All of these are good, and that’s what matters. Continue reading InexorableRotting’s Top 25 Death Metal Breakdowns

Technical Tuesday Five – something old, something new, something told, and two somethings in two

This week’s list comes delayed as a result of a downpour. No, we didn’t have any flash floods…well, not in real life anyway. The Technical Tuesday columns are typically typed timely like, on Tuesday evening. However, this week’s was obstructed by videogaming, specifically, in the form of Downpour. That is, the new Silent Hill videogame. Typically I take turns playing with my friend, switching the control whenever someone dies, but this gaming sessions had remarkably short innings as our protagonist met his untimely demise over, and over, and over….  Anyway, this week’s column features a bit of new discoveries, a bit of old favorites, and a bit of those records you buy, don’t listen to for a long time, and then realize are really awesome, but not until months later. Hence, I used the old wedding superstition, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” but added a little beat of deathening up. That being said, here are the competitors: Continue reading Technical Tuesday Five – something old, something new, something told, and two somethings in two