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Technical Tuesday – In which Italy stole the show…

This week’s Technical Tuesday begins with a bit of an editorial on my part. Both Gorod’s A Perfect Absolution  and Gory Blister’s Earth Sick are not available through my preferred retailers, Amazon and iTunes, which is a problem for me. Furthermore, Gorod’s new album, which  I have been looking forward to for months, was released in Europe on MARCH 12th! A Stateside release is not going to happen until APRIL 18th! C’mon guys, what are you doing here? I could pay the extra money to have the album imported (Amazon quotes the import at nearly four times the digital download price), I suppose, but then I just feel silly because I could use that extra money to buy other albums, like Earth Sick. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – In which Italy stole the show…

TDM Staff review: Psycroptic – The Inherited Repression

The Inherited Repression (2012)

Australia, Nuclear Blast, Technical Death Metal

What I learned today: I should be listening to a lot more Psycroptic

When I was a kid I loved spinning in circles until I felt like I was going to vomit. The Inherited Repression reminds me of this; truly dizzying, it swirls and surges, leaps and lurches. However, this ride has a couple nagging flaws that keep it from spinning kids til they puke – namely, too much focus on the midrange.

Psycroptic’s fifth slithers like a viper made of razorwire. Its got Anata-esque hanging discordance, fluid grooves, captivating build-ups, and authentic atmosphere (!). The Haley brothers bring mind-blowing guitar and drum calculus in songs like “From Scribes to Ashes” but the clean guitars at the beginnings of “Deprivation” allow a rest. However, some of the simpler riffing slows the album down – the opposite of the “mandatory headbanging NOW!” parts of Revocation. The biggest problem is the monotonously midranged rough cop/tough cop vocals that have completely dropped both lows and highs.

The Inherited Repression spins faster than a top (in zero gravity) and cuts like Tasmanian steel, but it lacks the bowel-destroying sledgehammer of technical DEATH. This is grade A mathmetal, but, for me, I personally feel more at home in the crypts than the amusement park.

7/10 – Witness to the Void

Eager to say: die!

Either You love it or hate – it’s Your choice but I assume You can’t look indifferently on “Inherited Repression”. This is a sick combo of thrashy driven, mad rhythms and tremolo playing. This is one hell of a trip into madman brain because You have the impression that the melody stands still but it really brandishes his tentacles like a crazy bitch. I love how they managed to create fluid waterfall of riffs. I also see very much of Meshuggah atmosphere in here. Strictly minimalistic and making trance melodies come true. European-alike death is well served in here. Like a cold breeze wind, Psycroptic achieved fresh feeling and groovy style, although I can’t distinguish the songs one from another at this moment.

The weakest part may be the vocals – I agree but the more I listen to “Inherited…” the more I’am convinced they suits here. In other words – they don’t bother me much. They’re flat and washed out from emotions but hey – Psycroptic never done what I wanted to, hehe. One is certain – I can go through this 41 minutes one time after another and I still want more. They’re no exaggerated cult band for me so I have free mind to love this release.

9/10 – Rimmön

My Chalky, My Chalky, My Kingdom For A Chalky.

Psycroptic holds a special place in my Death Metal journey. ‘Scepter Of The Ancients’ is an album that I’ve continually revisited. Chalky being gone definitely took some getting used to but Peppiatt always struck me as decent. I first listened to ‘Inherited Repression’ in one sitting. What I anticipated as the next bold step in Psycroptic’s journey ended up being puzzling. The amazing instrumental work that I count on from Psycroptic hasn’t diminished. Peppiatt certainly has though. There are no growls or shrieks here, only hardcore barking.

My opinion on these vocals has ranged from ‘Maybe I’m just crazy, but these are completely out of place’ to more vitriolic sentiments like ‘Peppiatt has RUINED Psycroptic!’ The truth is far less dramatic. Peppiatt’s vocals are completely out of place, but he can never ruin Psycroptic. In fact, if Chalky were still the vocal virtuoso behind the mic, I think this could have been Psycroptic’s best. As it stands, ‘Inherited Repression’ is a noble experiment. It’s splendid musically but falls extremely short vocally. As a hypothetical way forward, it would be amazing to see Tarren Whitfield fronting both Psycroptic *and* Entrails Eradicated. While I’m dreaming, let’s see something new from Mephistopheles Chalky.

6.5/10 – Goshuggist

Better than their previous releases, but a bit generic

Ah, Psycroptic. Long time, no see. Already I see they’ve improved tenfold since albums like Sceptre of the Ancients, and all the better for it. Where I live, I’m stuck with deathcore as the only local music genre anyone knows, so listening to this is a well-deserved break from the “djent” sound I heard all too frequently.

The first song, Carriers of the Plague, immediately sets a high bar for the album to follow, the tones are perfect, and the drum volumes are incredible. The cymbals collide with the snare and toms to create a wall of slightly decipherable virtuosity, and the double bass pedal work is fast as anything, but luckily not too loud, leaving the guitar work audible, much like Dying Fetus’ War of Attrition.

I have to praise their drummer on this album, the blasts are consistent in volume and velocity, and though there isn’t as much innovation or variation throughout the album, the drums do what they need to do, and create an inane sense of brutality. The vocals are a bit cookie-cutter to be truthful, and sometimes delve into metalcore territory, but nonetheless good. The strings as a whole reek of old school Decapitated, and together the album shows that the band don’t want to slow down, EVER.

9/10 – InexorableRotting