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InexorableRotting’s Top 25 Death Metal Breakdowns

I’ve seen a great number of people nowadays confusing the term “breakdown” with  “open-note chugging”. Now, all the deathcore/metalcore fans drool over them, while death metal fans hate them. Now that, if you ask me, is wrong. Here are my top 25 songs that gave better, brutal meaning to the term. The order doesn’t count for anything here, this is mostly a list of my favourites rather than any kind of ordering. All of these are good, and that’s what matters. Continue reading InexorableRotting’s Top 25 Death Metal Breakdowns

Review: Reciprocal – Reciprocal

Reciprocal (2009)

USA, Independently Released, Technical Death Metal

Jeff Hughell is the man.

Aside from his legendary bass work on Brain Drill’s full length debut, he’s done incredible live work for both Rings Of Saturn and Vile. Sure, he was talked into joining Chris Barnes’ sacrilegious perpetual joke Six Feet Under (SOMEHOW) but he certainly hasn’t abandoned even an iota of his talent. Reciprocal’s self titled debut album is more than enough proof of that.  Admittedly, the other three musicians in this band were of little concern to me when I first heard of this band given how much admiration I have for Jeff and his talent. My dismissal was rather rash when it came to the drummer and guitarist, however my initial impression of the vocalist still stands; cookie-cutter. Jacob Enfinger’s growls sound like a failed attempt at recreating Dennis Röndum’s vocal stylings. Continue reading Review: Reciprocal – Reciprocal