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ATTENTION FANS AND LABELS! Sarpanitum Completes Mastering New Album ‘Blessed Be My Brothers’

Sarpanitum Blessed Be My Brothers promo photoSarpanitum, the UK titans of brutal-blackened-atmospheric death metal (you know it has to be interesting when the sub-genres requires multiple dashes) have a big announcement for all the listeners and labels out there.

The mythological crushers have completed mastering their second full-length, Blessed Be My Brothers, with a rough release date set for the next six months. Frequent TDM visitors may remember Sarpanitum’s 2011 EP Fidelium, which garnered a great deal of attention due to its experimental yet pulverizing style and historical subject matter. Auditorily, their music combines earthy brutal death metal from the emptied halls of forgotten deities with ethereally transcendence via blackened technical extremity. The closest comparison, minus Sarpanitum’s blackened tombs, could be Mithras, probably slightly owing to drumming, recording, mixing, and mastering from Leon Macey (who makes up half of the latter mentioned cosmological death metal band.) These elements result in a tapestry of death metal unlike any other. Continue reading ATTENTION FANS AND LABELS! Sarpanitum Completes Mastering New Album ‘Blessed Be My Brothers’

News from Sarpanitum deathcamp

We are proud to annouce that the drums on our upcoming album will be handled by none other than Leon Macey. Leon plays drums and guitar in UK Extreme metal veterans MITHRAS and will also be involved in recording, mixing and mastering the record. The decision was made for Leon to come on drums for the next release due to his excellent skills behind the kit but also, like myself he is possitivley driven and passionate towards delivering only the best to the album which I am sure you will all be happy to hear once it is finished!

You can now listen and stream all the SARPANITUM releases for free at www.sarpanitum.bandcamp.com and you can hear some of Leon’s stickmanship from the latest MITHRAS E.P

I am still listening to this album…. EVERY DAY

High fidelity to Fidelium by Sarpanitum

I simply cannot get enough of Sarpanitum’s Fidelium EP. I listen to this album literally every day at work – the huge riffs, the colossal atmospheres, the galactic battering ram through space/time that is the drums….

In my review, I jokingly referred to this album as  atmospheric brutal blackened technical death metal and I stand by that. Fidelium is one high quality EP that is definitely worth the time and money of any metalhead – I eagerly await the next full length, gentlemen.

Go on, listen to it, you won’t be sorry:

Review: Sarpanitum – Fidelium EP

Fidelium (2011) EP

United Kingdom, Self-released, Blackened Technical Death Metal

Amongst the Catacombs of Blackened, Atmospheric Brutality…

In many ways death metal can be compared to horror movies. The obvious comparison lies within the superficial subject matter, yet with deeper research viewers/listeners can find another great similarity; the divide between the fans of old and new. Some new technical death bands, like the twelfth iteration in a big Hollywood franchise film series, slap the audience in the face with the auditory compliment to blood, guts, and gore, delivered in an almost sterilized fashion. Such gives way to complaints about pro-tool driven, break down ridden copies of a copy, or the modern “weedly-deedly” death metal bands that have forsaken the sinister atmospheres and lurking fear of the disturbing death metal of yesteryear.
Yet occasionally a new entry into the field remembers the absolutely essential atmospherics of old, while bringing a certain new flair to the genre. It drips with a diabolic climate, moving like a sinister, maddening force, playing at the edges of our mind, but simultaneously delivers the tingling terror that makes a listener/viewer say “I have never seen anything like this before” in both technique and subject matter. Everyone has seen a slasher film, just as everyone has heard a death metal album about zombies. Continue reading Review: Sarpanitum – Fidelium EP