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The Top Tech in 2013

top2013The process by which TDM calculates annual lists involves numerous people, a points systems, and blind submissions. This takes a lot of time, wracks the nerves, and always results in extended discourse.

However, none of that happened this year, because everyone was busy with other stuff, so now you are stuck with only me, resulting in a best of 2013 list going to press in August. Of 2014. Sorry about that one.

“If it’s so late, why even bother?”

Let me share a short story that, along with some reader comments, rekindled my drive to complete this list. In recent weeks I saw a list that placed Deeds of Flesh in only the honorable mention. On a list of 40! I was livid. I raged. How could the writer miss that!?

In short, I hope this list inspires the same reaction. Or, gets some listeners to check out some new bands. Sorry if I left out your favorite, as I make no claim to having heard all the possible albums (even some of which are covered by other writers on this site, sorry guys)… and if I did, please let me know in the comments.

– Witness to the Void Continue reading The Top Tech in 2013

Review: Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam

Pinnacle of Bedlam (2013)

United States, Nuclear Blast, Brutal Technical Death Metal

Pinnacle of Bedlam is the seventh full-length for these long time innovators of the brutal, and marks a slightly refined focus on increased precision and cleaner production. Perhaps a real life comparison would be a high-tech jackhammer. No – more like a spiked bulldozer from the 22nd century. Driven by a demon!

Riffs from guitarists/primary writer Terrence Hobbs and Guy Marchais fluctuate in a malevolent and baffling manner, with a razor-sharp tightness that calls to mind labyrinth architects such as Necrophagist and Decrepit Birth, built atop an old school foundation of hefty crunch. As Suffocation crushes through full-speed gallops (the title track), Anata-style clean picking (“Sullen Days”), and trudging discordance (“My Demise”), it becomes clear that diversity abounds, even on a record demonstrating a stylistic change. Continue reading Review: Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam

Suffocation Is BACK, But…

Five days ago, a new track from Suffocation’s latest release leaked onto Youtube. Having just become aware of this (I know, shame on me) I’ve listened to the track at least thirty times at this point and I must say I’m somewhat puzzled. With the addition of Dave Culross, ‘As Grace Descends’ is unsurprisingly similar to ‘Despise The Sun’ with a rather healthy helping of ‘Breeding The Spawn’ and even a small bit of Hate Eternal’s ‘Spiritual Holocaust’. If I didn’t know any better, I would think Guy Marchais had been all out replaced by Doug Cerrito. Unlike a lot of the band’s recent material, this is easily the most reminiscent of Suffocation’s earliest (i.e. best) LP’s…and while Terrence, Derek, Guy and Dave are at their trademark best, I can’t help but wonder what the hell’s going on with Frank; his growls have been mixed so low in this song, everything else drowns him out. If the whole album has this problem, that’s not only a HUGE misstep but it’s also very concerning for the band as a whole. Frank is the ONLY vocalist for Suffocation (Bill Robinson is a great vocalist but he belongs in Decrepit Birth NOT Suffocation) and from what I can make out on most of ‘As Grace Descends’ he still sounds as great as he always has, with the growl at the very end being the song’s best. Continue reading Suffocation Is BACK, But…

InexorableRotting’s Top 25 Death Metal Breakdowns

I’ve seen a great number of people nowadays confusing the term “breakdown” with  “open-note chugging”. Now, all the deathcore/metalcore fans drool over them, while death metal fans hate them. Now that, if you ask me, is wrong. Here are my top 25 songs that gave better, brutal meaning to the term. The order doesn’t count for anything here, this is mostly a list of my favourites rather than any kind of ordering. All of these are good, and that’s what matters. Continue reading InexorableRotting’s Top 25 Death Metal Breakdowns

Classic Tech Death Album: ‘Pierced From Within’ By Suffocation

WHO: Arguably the single most important band in the development of modern Death Metal, Suffocation have influenced/inspired so many aspects of the genre taken for granted these days; death growling, slams, exploration of the blast beat, speed, intensity, the list goes on and on. Since 1990, Suffocation have simultaneously defined and revolutionized Death Metal with each release. However, many fans are split on the question of their very finest work. There is no such thing as a bad Suffocation album of course but deciding which of their downright mythological accomplishments is the most astounding takes time and lots of reflection. Having taken the time and reflected as much as I possibly could, I decided on ‘Pierced From Within’. Not only is it Suffocation’s finest release but it’s also Death Metal’s finest release. Yes, I wrote exactly what you think I just wrote; ‘Pierced From Within’ is the greatest Death Metal album of all time from the greatest Death Metal band of all time. Continue reading Classic Tech Death Album: ‘Pierced From Within’ By Suffocation