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The Top Tech: Numbers 21 to 11 in 2011

With so many good albums this year I just couldn’t bear to limit my year end list to only 10. Well, and I have a bit of spare time on my hands at the moment, so I thought I would share with all the metal readers some of the other albums I was spinning this year that didn’t quite make my top 10. It was tough decision making process, even ranking these, which shows how strong of a year this was for metal releases. But first, the top EP’s of the year…

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Review: Vale of Pnath – The Prodigal Empire

The Prodigal Empire (2011)

United States, Willowtip Records, Melodic Technical Death Metal

In the past few years technical death metal has been invaded from all sides, Gothenburg tinged metalcore being the flavor of the week. Depending on the opinion (or perhaps age) of the listener, this may be seen in different ways, of which cars could be seen as a good metaphor; enemies of the new school of technical death metal will see these changes as an infectious case of rust that is continually tearing away at the beauty of a classic vehicle. In contrast, fans of the more diversified bands of today may see this as a reinvigorating coat of paint that brings life to a clunky lemon. Continue reading Review: Vale of Pnath – The Prodigal Empire