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The Top Tech in 2013

top2013The process by which TDM calculates annual lists involves numerous people, a points systems, and blind submissions. This takes a lot of time, wracks the nerves, and always results in extended discourse.

However, none of that happened this year, because everyone was busy with other stuff, so now you are stuck with only me, resulting in a best of 2013 list going to press in August. Of 2014. Sorry about that one.

“If it’s so late, why even bother?”

Let me share a short story that, along with some reader comments, rekindled my drive to complete this list. In recent weeks I saw a list that placed Deeds of Flesh in only the honorable mention. On a list of 40! I was livid. I raged. How could the writer miss that!?

In short, I hope this list inspires the same reaction. Or, gets some listeners to check out some new bands. Sorry if I left out your favorite, as I make no claim to having heard all the possible albums (even some of which are covered by other writers on this site, sorry guys)… and if I did, please let me know in the comments.

– Witness to the Void Continue reading The Top Tech in 2013

Review: Wormed – Exodromos

Exodromos (2013)

Spain, Willowtip Records, Brutal Death Metal

My mind has just been raped. I know I should file a report or seek some kind of compensation but I – I’m not able. In addition, my legs have stopped working, so even if I wanted to get up and do something, I can’t. I’m not sure exactly what just happened but I can say this for damn sure; ‘Nourishing The Spoil’? Hit the fuckin’ bricks. ‘Exodromos’ just made you and every other album this year its bitch. Enjoy not being first on my Top 10 list Guttural Secrete.

Yeah, that’s right, the album I went completely gaga over barely a month ago has already been dethroned. Surely this violates some fundamental rule of physics given how ecstatic I was (and still am mind you) about ‘Nourishing The Spoil’ but then I remember exactly who I’m dealing with; the masters of time, space and brutality themselves, Wormed. If someone told me I’d find not one but two death metal magnum opuses would be released within a month of each other any other year than this one, albums that completely annihilate my taste in music only to replace it with something better, I’d mock that person for being so stupid & childish. Hell, how is that supposed to reflect on me as a reviewer? An album comes out that challenges my all time favorite brutal death metal albums more viciously than ever and then one paltry month later it’s marginalized by something even greater? There’s some cosmic fuckery going on here… Continue reading Review: Wormed – Exodromos

InexorableRotting’s Top 25 Death Metal Breakdowns

I’ve seen a great number of people nowadays confusing the term “breakdown” with  “open-note chugging”. Now, all the deathcore/metalcore fans drool over them, while death metal fans hate them. Now that, if you ask me, is wrong. Here are my top 25 songs that gave better, brutal meaning to the term. The order doesn’t count for anything here, this is mostly a list of my favourites rather than any kind of ordering. All of these are good, and that’s what matters. Continue reading InexorableRotting’s Top 25 Death Metal Breakdowns