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Galactic Destruction Continues …

With the results totaled and the TDM Best of 2012 List posted (as well as the individual lists), I was recently reminded of how I needed to spend more time with several albums from 2012. In particular, the cosmic devastation of Xenocide’s Galactic Oppression really speaks to me. The transmission of death is chunky and heavy, but spacey and advanced in a way that really carries the vibe of an alien race bent on annhilating mankind. In particular, I have been digging on the guitar solo on “Remnants of Organics,” which kicks in at 3:47. There is a certain free-flying wail to it, a certain semi-melodeath sensibility which makes it so memorable, and, dare I say, even fun? Continue reading Galactic Destruction Continues …

Rimmon’s Top 10 in 2012!

This was incredibly hard choice! Past Year was full of amazing, technical (and not only) releases. I had almost 30 albums to choose from. From progressive / jazzy death metal to strictly virtuosic ones. It took me 3 days to listen through this list and sort it but I felt it is something important to do. Here at technicaldeathmetal.com we love support brilliant musicians who compose addictive sounds. I used word “compose” not by accident. It takes lot of skills to start doing higher form of music, which can be called simply “art”. This goes hand in hand with the creative way of killing, which I call brutal yet technical, metal. Hope You like what You find on this list…

// Rimmön Continue reading Rimmon’s Top 10 in 2012!

Technicaldeathmetal.com’s Top Albums of the Year 2012!


Bands worth to mention, which didn’t fit to our list:

12. Hour of Perdition – Sedition

Hour of Perdition – SeditionSavage and bestial, Sedition tops the lists because it is so relentlessly destructive. Hour of Penance’s death metal bulldozes from the brutal side of the spectrum, flattening and burning everything in its path.

Fierce and crushing, Sedition is the soundtrack of the destruction of a great metropolitan city by a godzilla-sized beast. In addition, the soaring guitar leads demand mention as well.

11. Xenocide – Galactic Oppression

Xenocide - Galactic OppressionHear that sick bass? Endlessly drilling through my head – and want more! Bumpy road through cosmic wastelands and drift on loose ground is the main motors in here. Maybe too descriptive but hell, this music is so illustrative! It is warm and rich in details. Crazy rhythmic with fiery, strong sound blasts through my head like smaller armageddon. This is massive fun for every techno fan. Sometimes drifts away reminding me bands like Enslaved (entertaining progression of sound). This is rare experience which made them to my personal, number three! 10/10 rate for sure.


10. Hideous Divinity – Obeisance Rising

Hideous Divinity - Obeisance RisingThis is simply an unknown gem which was unexpectedly found in the ruin of technical dm shrine! The extremity of this albums flows with every possible hole! The production is thick and brutal and the drums are insane! Probably one the best drumming of 2012! These Italians will lead us to destruction. Hideous Divinity is something between Hour Of Penance and Cattle Decapitation with more creepy atmosphere. There is fair amount of progressive technique together with crushing brutality. More straight – forward soloing leaves no room for breathing but makes this less virtuosic experience. A great discovery and hell of a stunner! Bow before Hideous Divinity!

9. Rings Of Saturn – Dingir

Rings Of Saturn – DingirRings Of Saturn are truly an alien incarnation. They were centimeters from (my personal) number one but hearing once again to “Incurso” made me doing some revision… Back to “Dingir”. Truly a technical masterpiece. Such a virulent atmosphere and complex, mind blowing riffs couldn’t go unnoticed. Best thing it’s all real even it doesn’t sound natural. Most of the time You have weird “sampled-all-the-fuck-way-up” feeling but genius behind the concept is enormous. I liked their debut a lot but the follower truly sets new quality in this genre. This is most insane technical release I’ve hear (probably) ever! Totalitarian technical death metal!

8. Desecravity – Implicit Obedience

Desecravity – Implicit ObedienceIn the year in which Cryptopsy returned to us, Desecravity reminded us all of all the reasons old Cryptopsy is so memorable. Implicit Obedience pulls all the best attributes from Cryptopsy’s back catalog – the vile depravity of the Lord worm years; the psychotically spastic song structure of the DiSalvo years; and the primeval roar of Once Was Not – and combines these elements with a certain pre-historical, psychological darkness. The first full-length from this Japanese four-piece evokes the feeling of a devolution into the mind of a savage and hideous species that died out thousands of years ago. Deliciously old school yet innovative, grotesquely filthy yet cleanly produced, Implicit Obedience is not to be missed.

7. Gorod – A Perfect Absolution

Gorod - A Perfect AbsolutionGorod’s fourth full-length exhibits a departure from their previous highly technical and progressive releases, evolving into an avant-garde sort of death metal that is at its best when at its weirdest. Ethereal and free-flowing, A Perfect Absolution weaves and dodges like an intricately constructed clockwork insect. Gorod’s complexity and variety of influences (observe the funk on “Varangian Paradise” – seriously, you need to hear this!) will keep any open-minded metalhead demanding more, and once again proves that these Frenchmen are at the forefront of the technical death metal scene.

6. Abiotic – Symbiosis

Abiotic - SymbiosisThis one is seriously messed up (in a good way ofcourse). First time I’ve listened to “Symbiosis” I thought they went way too much deathcore but I revised my feelings after couple more sessions. One thing is certain – this is ridiculously rich release. It’s far more than You think it is. They search they’re way through intelligently confusing melodies which not fall far from some crazy progressive / psychedelic stuff. They don’t like haste and force listener to focus on the inside nature of the release. Their policy of subjugation of every death metal maniac is very opened, that’s why they mix so much quality stuff in here and work diligently to achieve goals. Great band!

5. Malignancy – Eugenics

Malignancy - EugenicsThere’s no two ways about it; ‘Eugenics’ is a perfect record. From the flawless guitar riffs to the impeccable drumming, from the monstrous growls & shrieks to the otherworldly bass lines, there isn’t a single second on this record that doesn’t resonate with the Death Metal nirvana some bands spend their whole careers trying to reach five seconds of. No other band can match what Malignancy has done this year, new or old. Years from now, this record will still be a shining example of everything right and true in Death Metal and music… a true magnum opus.

4. Arkaik – Metamorphignition

Arkaik - MetamorphignitionMore than meets the eye (or ear). Quite epic and brutal at some moments. Intense above all. Deep and mean vocals combined with blasting percussion could set Your hair on fire, while banging. You can take “Sking Graft Hieroglyphics” which has the power of the hurricane and compare it to 10-minute conglomerate “The Omnipus” and watch how the world collides. This is the essence of this release and shows the ambition and road to perfection which this band goes. Nice, not too obvious concept makes this more deep than I thought for the first time I’ve heard Arkaik.

3. Cattle Decapitation – Monolith Of Inhumanity

Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of InhumanityNever before did I think a Cattle Decapitation release could breach my Top 3 Albums Of The Year. Then again, ‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’ did a great many things I never expected; breaking new ground for intensity and progressiveness in deathgrind, the inclusion of well-done clean vocals compliments of Travis Ryan and above all else, a sense of cohesiveness and structure that Cattle Decapitation has never achieved. By all accounts, ‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’ is a triumph. It’s made fans out of virulent haters, and proven once and for all that Cattle Decapitation had the power to release a masterpiece like this.

2. Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme

Dying Fetus - Reign SupremeDying Fetus continually releases pummeling, offensive, militant death metal that never disappoints. Reign Supreme is no exception – the band’s seventh full-length is everything that you love about technical death metal. It’s heavy, spiteful, caustic, and blunt…yet technical and sophisticated. The most impressive part about Dying Fetus has always been their ability to write such dynamic songs with so many pace changes, which remain technical in a crunchy and memorable manner. That seems like too many things to happen at once, but its true. In conclusion, Reign Supreme contains the following things: “NO REDEMPTION – NO REGRETS – NO EXCUSES – ONLY DEATH!”

And finally…

The number 1…

of TOP 2012 albums is…

Spawn Of Possession – Incurso

1. Spawn Of Possession – Incurso

I had to do some refreshing on this one before compiling my brilliant list of brilliant tdm acts. I can’t even find words to describe this kind of genuinely crafted music. I want to make a comparison. Necrophagist’s “Epitaph” was something beyond original for me and couldn’t expect more from technical music than that. I think the Spawn Of Possession made with “Incurso”, technical death metal album of all time! No shit! This is purest reincarnation of neoclassical music! More of this – it’s driven by insanely intense death metal. This is a trip to a madman brain who is a complete creator and death meister in one person. This is modern music manifesto which leads us to better tomorrow. The world has changed with “Incurso” seeing it’s daylight. Courageous way to declare our connection with the past. Long live Spawn Of Possession.

// Rimmon

Christian Müenzner with Spawn of Possession?! What a wicked combination it is indeed! Infinitesimal in its intricacy, Incurso favors an atonal complexity over blunt heaviness. The subject matter (evil spirituality, possession, etc.) is appropriately dark, yet ethereal and refreshing. As well, the longer songs and occasional keyboards make for a rewarding and varied album.

// Witness To The Void

In many ways, ‘Incurso’ is more than just a technical death metal album. It’s a full-fledged rebirth of classical music, particularly in the vein of Rachmaninoff. There is no other neo-classical death metal band that can ever achieve what Spawn Of Possession have here. With Christian Muenzer as a band member, their dominance is unquestionable. This is not only some of the most technical music ever made, it’s also some of the most haunting, beautiful and downright game changing of all time too. How Spawn Of Possession can ever top this, I have no idea.

// Goshuggist

Xenocide released new single – Xenomorph


Recorded in January 2012 at Rain City Recorders and produced by Curtis Buckoll, the song “XENOMORPH” is meant to be the follow up to Xenocide’s highly successful premier EP “Galactic Oppression”.  XENOMORPH has sat in limbo due to line up changes until now.

XENOMORPH deals with a protagonist who is a test subject for military intelligence following first contact with an alien race.  The human elite and ruling powers keep this information from the general public and use human test subjects to see how alien technology affects humans, in particular portals or point-to-point jump technologies.

As our protagonist steps through the portal his torturous journey begins. He is gruesomely transformed into a xenomorph as human D.N.A. intermingles with alien D.N.A. to create a random creature. Continue reading Xenocide released new single – Xenomorph

Technical Tuesday – The half-year best of!

I originally had numerous ideas for this week’s column, but while at work (I think about metal a LOT at work) it occurred to me to check which albums I had listened to most in 2012. The list was completely dominated by technical death metal (naturally) as well as the latest Paradise Lost and Cannibal Corpse offerings. Then, I thought to myself, “Man, metalheads LOVE (and HATE) lists! This is a great idea!”

This list is based entirely on number of plays. Hence, an album like Detrimentum’s Inhuman Disgrace, released in January, has a major edge on something like Nile’s At the Gates of Sethu, released months later. Gojira, also a recent release, simply didn’t have enough plays to make the top 15, along with other major players that will most certainly see better representation in a year-end list based on my opinion of the albums. Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The half-year best of!