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Technical Tuesday – The Alien Chronicles (Part II)

In the deepest recesses of space, the furthest corners of nonesxistance, there pass few travelers. From this void, from this infinite plane of nothing, comes a voyager with a commentary of the cosmic kind. Messages from beyond the veil… messages of cosmic technical death metal.  Here are the words of the witness, the Witness to the Void, of the alien races heard on each album. 

This secondary alien chronicles are of three beings that possibly threaten the existence of man. The first, a relentless crusher of human bones… the second, a galactic destroyer set on the destruction of man… the third, a reptilian invader through somewhat more subtle, but no less destructive, means… Continue reading Technical Tuesday – The Alien Chronicles (Part II)

Now Playing: The Second Annual Technical Tuesday

Technical Tuesday II – The Return

Welcome to the second annual (weekly) Technical Tuesday! In case you missed last week’s program, I will be giving a short description of each complete album I listened to today, and choosing a weekly victor. I was really looking forward to this week for two big releases, or at least what I thought was supposed to be the release date for two big releases: Koloss by Meshuggah and A Perfect Absolution by Gorod. Unfortunately, my usual retailers (iTunes and Amazon) decided not to offer Gorod’s new album for digital purchase, so it looks like I am going to have to wait. Anyway, that doesn’t prevent me from listening to the new Meshuggah… Continue reading Now Playing: The Second Annual Technical Tuesday

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Introducing… Technical Tuesday!

At my place of employment I enjoy the distinctly awesome opportunity of being able to listen to music of my choice while working. This of course allows me to listen to a lot of metal. The weather outside very much influences my choice in music – once old man winter leaves for the year, Immortal’s At the Heart of Winter doesn’t see rotation again until the first snow.

If the season can influence my music choice, why not the day? Hence, Technical Tuesday, a new weekly column where I will be giving very short summaries on each album I listened to, and picking a weekly winner. Let’s begin…. Continue reading Now Playing: Lots of music on Tuesday!

Review: Xenocide – Galactic Oppression

Galactic Oppression (2012)

Canada, Self-released, Progressive / Technical Death Metal

Galactic Oppression via Technical Death Metal? Beam Me Up, Xenocide!

I am a sucker for anything cosmically related in metal. The depths of infinity lends itself perfectly to guitar squeals and rubbery bass. In my iTunes I have multiple playlists devoted solely to those technicians that choose to transverse the cosmos.

In contrast, I am rarely on top of upcoming releases from bands I don’t really know about, especially when they aren’t on one of the bigger metal labels. Hence, I stumbled across Xenocide’s Galactic Oppression album purely by accident – like a small spaceship running into some random object the far off, remote galaxy of the internet. But this is no space junk – this debut fell length contains a wealth of captivating technicality, memorable song writing, and stellar musicianship. The engineers of this vessel, a five piece from Vancouver, Canada, describe their music as “galactic death metal” for fans of “astronomy, death metal, and technology.” Continue reading Review: Xenocide – Galactic Oppression