Important thing is the priority of this website. It is the HIGHEST form of TDM comes first! The rest, still technical bands will be added later. Progressive/Jazz DM bands apply as well. We’re open-minded to suggestions and any experimental death metal acts which represents crushing amount of technique.



100 Knives Inside (Denmark)


A Loathing Requiem (USA)
A Million Dead Birds Laughing (Australia)
Abnormality (USA)
Abiotic (USA)
Acheode (Italy)
Achokarlos (Spain)
Ade (Italy)
Aeon Of Horus (Australia)
Agony Face (Italy)
Alarum (Australia)
Allegaeon (USA)
Alterbeast (USA)
Amoeba (France)
Anomalous (USA)
Archspire (USA)
Arkaik (USA)
Arsis (USA)
Art Of The Flesh (USA)
Atheist (USA)
Augury (Canada)
Avoidant (Peru)


Back Door To Asylum (Russia)
Banisher (Poland)
Bedlam Of Cacophony (USA)
Beyond Creation (Canada)
Bleak Flesh (Chile)
Brain Drill (USA)


Carnophage (Turkey)
Cattle Decapitation (USA)
Centaurus-A (Germany)
Cognizance (United Kingdom)
Cryptopsy (Canada)
Cynic (USA)
Cytotoxin (Germany)


Death (USA)
Decrepit Birth (USA)
Delta Cepheid (Germany)
Desecravity (Japan)
Diskreet (USA)
Dying Fetus (USA)


Element (USA)
Entrails Eradicated (Australia)
Eradykate (France)


Faceless, The (USA)
Fallujah (USA)
Formless (USA)


Gorod [changed name from Gorgasm] (France)
Gory Blister (Italy)


Hesperian (Greece)
Hideous Divinity (Italy)
Hieronymus Bosch (Russia)


Illogicist (Italy)


Malevolance (Portugal)
Malignancy (USA)
Martyr (Canada)
Mithras (United Kingdom)
Monumental Torment (Russia)


Nebulous (USA)
Necrophagist (Germany)
Neuraxis (Canada)
Neurosplit Prophet (Russia)
Never (Poland)
Nocturnus (USA)


Oblivion (USA)
Obsidian (Netherlands)
Obscura (Germany)
Omnihility (USA)
Orgone (USA)
Orphalis (Germany)
Ouroboros (Australia)


Pavor (Germany)
Pestilence (Netherlands)
Phobiatic (Germany)
Posthumous Blasphemer (Belarus)
Psycroptic (Australia)
Pyrrhon (USA)


Quo Vadis (Canada)


Rings Of Saturn (USA)


Sadist (Italy)
Sarpanitum (United Kingdom)
Sceptic (Poland)
Self Collapse (Canada)
Severed Crotch (Iceland)
Slaughtery (Belgium)
Sleep Terror (USA)
Solipsist (USA)
Son Of Aurelius (USA)
Sophicide (Germany)
Soreption (Sweden)
Spastic Ink (USA)
Spawn Of Possession (Sweden)
Spiral Architect (Norway)


Theory In Practice (Sweden)


Viraemia (USA)
Visceral Bleeding (Sweden)


Wetwork (Canada)
Wretched (USA)


Xenocide (Canada)